In love with my maid

In love with my maid

By:  module Dasilva  Completed
Language: English
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In love with my maid tells the story of a CEO named Timi who fell in love with his maid named Clara, Clara was brought to the city to work as a maid,her cousin Bella wants the CEO all by herself and Sharon the CEO’s fiancé is not ready to share her man with anybody.

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45 chapters
Chapter 1
“ Get me water Ben be fast pleased, “ Clara says and her mum continues to cough heavily “ you will be fine Mum, “ Clara says then Ben brought the water for her and she gave her mum water to drink, she went to check her mum’s drugs but it is finished no money to buy another one.Clara is a girl born into a family of two she just has one sibling which is her only brother Ben, she drop out of school when she was still in high school cause her mum couldn’t afford her school fees she has been helping her mum to sell in the shop for years.Ben is a young boy he is still a teenager he is the only brother of Clara who also drop out of high school cause they parents couldn’t afford his school fees.Clara’s dad pass away when she was a little girl.Clara’s Mum has been the one financing the family since Clara’s dad passed away but she has been battling with sickness for years now she couldn’t finance the family anymore Clara is the one going to the shop.Clara is a
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Chapter 2
they both went back home and met their mum was already awake “How are you feeling mum “ Clara ask .” I’m fine I hope you sold well at the shop today “ Clara’s Mum asks.” Well it was fine I sold a little “ Clara answered.” What have you ate today, “ Clara’s Mum asks.” Nothing but I’m fine, “Clara says. “ I thought you said you sold a little why couldn’t you buy food and eat you are the one fending for the family now you have to be eating, “ Clara’s Mum says.” I have used to the money to settle the drugs that I collected for the last time and today I don’t have any money right now but I bought bread for you and Ben to eat for dinner, “ Clara says.” What about you must eat Clara, we will all share the bread and eat together, “ Clara’s mum says. “ I’m not hungry Mum I bought the bread for you and Ben the bread can’t be ok for three of his beside you need to eat well so the drugs you use can work well in your body and you know that, “ Clara says as she
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Chapter 3
“ Why is she coming late so disgusting, “ Sharon says.”Sharon you haven’t told me why you came here this early morning, “ Timi says.” You wants to know why well I fired your three maids in your house this morning, “ Sharon said.”What how could you Sharon those are my workers, not your Sharon “ Timi says.” Of course, I know, “ Sharon says.” I need an explanation what are the reasons if I may know “ Timi ask.” Well the reason they are too old, they don’t know how to clean the house they don’t know how to cook the food they don’t know how to cook anything so I suggest you should find a maid younger that you can pay the salary you are paying for three of them for just one person, “ Sharon says.” Are you for real Sharon I should give works that three people are doing for just one person are you serious just one person, just one person can not do that work is a very big mansion and you know that don’t be
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Chapter 4
“ But how are sure she is going to accept the work or her mum is going to accept her to work as a maid in the city and is she going to allow you to take her daughter with you, you know how that woman hates you, “ Bella says.” I know she hates me so much but I know they need my help right now, “ aunt Teresa says.” How do you know Mum ?” Bella ask.” Cause Clara to call me this morning that she needed my help she wanted to lend some money from me so I will call and tell her I have very good work for that pays but I’m not going to tell her that it’s a maid work cause her mum allows doing come with me I am going to convince her when she gets to a city you know she is a village I am not going tell her the amount cause I will take eighty percent of the money, “ aunt Teresa says as she smiles.”Wow Mum you think so fast good you don’t let this opportunity pass is so you are going to stop this cleaner job wow nice maybe this is also an opportu
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Chapter 5
“What about her she accepted the work “Timi ask.” Yes she sir she has accepted I have spoken with her over the phone, “aunt Teresa says.” I guess you told her her work to cook, clean the house and serve, and it a very big mansion “ Timi ask.” Yes sir I told her everything and told her you will be paying her three people's salary but she said you will be paying to me cause I’m the one that will be bringing her to the city cause she hasn’t been to the city before and she knows only me she trusts only me cause she wants me to help her keep cause she has a sick mother she wants cure she is my niece so I want to help with this work, “aunt Teresa says.” That won’t be a problem when she comes we will talk about that but I want to see her first, “ Timi says.” Yes sir you will see her if you give me permitting to go and bring her from The village cause I won’t be able to come to work tomorrow sir, “ aunt Teresa says.” You can go but
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Chapter 6
Clara and aunt Teresa got to the city and Teresa knocked and Bella came to open the door” Welcome to my house Clara “ Clara and aunt Teresa enter the house, Clara was shocked about the house aunt Teresa is living cause she wasn’t expecting that kind of house she looks around the house a d see it’s just a room that ain’t Teresa is staying with her kids she looks so disappointed “ no even hug Clara or don’t you miss me after all these years “Bella says “ sure I miss you so much “ then Clara and Bella hug then Bella says to her mind “ you such a fool Clara for accepting to follow my to the city without thinking twice “ Bella smile “ you are welcome once more Clara “ thank you I haven’t seen Anna and John where are they? “Clara says “ Well they will be back soon they both went out to get something,” Bella says.” You can sit “ ain’t Teresa says then Clara sits on the couch.” You will be resuming the work tomorrow morning because you will be working for a CEO, “ aunt
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Chapter 7
Clara stand up from where she was sitting and she went inside then aunt Teresa locked the door.Clara laying down and start to cry and think “ working in a big mansion only me how can only me do that work why me “Clara says .Its already the next morning Clara is still sleeping Bella is and aunt Teresa is already awake “ wow I can see she still sleeping by this time she think she is in her mansion “ Bella says as she went to fetch water inside bucket and pour it on Clara then Clara quickly wake up and stand up “ what’s the meaning of this Bella “ Clara says “ do you think you are here to sleep don’t you to know is already time for you wake up and start preparing for work “Bella says “ is that why you pour water on me Bella what have I done done wrong to deserve this this early morning “ Clara says “ you dare question me “ Bella says as she was about slap Clara Anna hold her hand “ enough is enough Bella you can’t wake her up by pouring water on her and still want to slap h
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Chapter 8
And Aunt Teresa left Clara and followed the CEO of the office. The bodyguard take Clara around the house and show her the kitchen, the rooms, the CEO’s room, the deny, etc, and took her to the room she will be staying. Clara entered her room and begins her cry “why me God what have I done to aunt Teresa why will she have to do this to me I’m sorry aunt Teresa lied that you have passed away when you are still alive “ Clara says as she cries.Aunt Teresa and CEO got to the office Timi went to attend his meeting.” Now that Clara has gotten to that mansion my mind can be at peace Timi will mine soon, “Bella says.” Why are you and mum being so wicked at that innocent girl Clara what has she done to us, “ Anna says.” You know what just shut hell up I don’t need your opinion cause if I marry Timi it is going to favor you mum and John so you should be happy I am taking this step I am risking snatching someone's fiancé you should be thanking me for tha
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Chapter 9
“ Are you ok what happened to your face “ Timi ask Clara cries as she looks at the bodyguard “ don’t you have a mouth to answer our question “Sharon ask “ I fell from upstairs “ Clara says as she lies “ I’m sorry about this what are doing now when did this happen “ Timi ask.” I was cooking before you entered, it happened in the afternoon when I was about to clean, “ Clara says “ why do you have to lie “ Timi ask the bodyguard about the lie he told them when they entered “ I’m the sorry boss but I never know she fell she did not tell me anything, “ the bodyguard says “ stop lying and tell me the truth cause this wound I’m seeing doesn’t look like someone who falls form the stairs case, “ Tim says “ “ did my bodyguard knows about it that you fell “ Timi ask “ yes he knew he was the one that brought out the first aid box to treat, “ Clara says “are you going to believe a total stranger you employed this that you know nothing about or the bodyguard that has been working for yo
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Chapter 10
“ No mum you don’t need to stood so low and ask for forgiveness from aunt Teresa “ Clara says as she cries in silent .” Why does she maltreat you” Clara’s mum ask .” No mum she is very nice in fact she gave me a room of my own mum to stay tell me how is Ben “ Clara says .” Ben is fine he is already at slept tell me about Bella o hope she is not stressing you “ Clara’s Mum says .” No mum she is not I need to go to bed I will be going to work so early tomorrow morning “ Clara’s says as she ends the call and started crying “ I’m sorry Mum for lying to you but I have to “ Clara says .Timi come out off the bathroom “ baby come to me “ Sharon says and then Timi goes close to her on the bed and kiss her and they both romance and have sex .It’s already the next morning Clara wake up early in the morning and start her work Sharon and Timi wake up and preparing for office work they both went downstairs to eat their breakfast Clar
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