Chapter 14 | You Destroyed Me

Mallika's Point Of View

Giving a disgusting look at me, he threw the towel on a nearby chair and slept on the bed. Just like that? No regret, no apology, no shame of hitting his own wife! And here I thought that he would apologize. How stupid of me to think that. It's stupidity to expect an apology from a man who hits wife.

What did I do? What is my fault? Why this so sudden change? What was he talking about hiding something from him? What the hell did I hide from him?! I told him whatever was important for him to know. What did I do to get this treatment?!

Here I'm sitting on the cold floor and he is sleeping on the bed peacefully. I so want to go near him, wake him up and ask why did he behave this way with me. But I just cannot do that. My body is not ready to move from its shock state. I'm not ab

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