Chapter 16 | Too Close

Third Person's Point Of View

He woke up from the sleep with the sight of his wife sleeping beside him. Thought with the messy hair and dried drool on her cheeks, she looked cute. He so wanted to ravish this moment, but he didn't. Instead, he took his mobile. Opening the alarm app he played the alarm sound at max and placed it near her ear. With the sudden sound, Mallika woke up and sat on the bed with a jerk. Wondering how that irritating sound fell so loudly on her ear. With the sleepy eyes, she saw Nahush resting on the bed rest with mobile in his hand. Her sleep was now gone.

"You see the small shelf there?" He said while pointing towards a shelf in a far corner of the room. 

"There you'll find all the cleaning things. Get up and clean the entire room nicely. I don't like my room dirty." He said and Mallika just kept looking at him. 

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