Chapter 18 | Boyfriends

Third Person's POV

Nahush woke up with a slight headache. He got ready to go to his office with a slightly heavy head. Because of his business workload, he didn't take more leaven even though it's been only five days since their marriage. In his hangover, he almost forgot that he has a wife and he is married. Bidding goodbye to his grandma and mom, he was about to leave when he was stopped by his mom. He turned in his mom's direction and asked, "Yes, Aai?" She came out of the kitchen holding a tiffin box. "Aai, why do you have to make it? It wasn't necessary." He said looking at the tiffin. "How isn't it necessary? You go to the office without breakfast and always eat lunch in your office canteen. For now, you will only eat homemade food. And by the way, this tiffin is not made by me." His mom said with an excited smile to which Nahush raises his brows in a questioning way. "Aare bhudu, your wife made it."

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