Chapter 21

Silas pulled some books off one of the shelves, revealing a safe. He pulled a key from his pocket and placed the key in the lock before opening it. I watched as he pulled out my grandmother’s book wrapped in a clean silk cloth.

“You knew what it was didn’t you?” I ask and he turns to look at me.

“I knew the moment I saw the emblem on the front. I have seen this before. Before the war began, we have been looking for it” he said, opening it.


“Because it is supposed to say how to break the curse,” he says before pulling the cloth off and revealing my grandmother’s book.

“And If I can’t read it?” I ask.

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goodnovel comment avatar
I wonder too but think it’s that no female dragons have been born in a long time, therefore dragons are dying out
goodnovel comment avatar
She had the book before he took it from her , of course she saw it before but she didn’t realize the symbol was the same as the necklace
goodnovel comment avatar
Monyean Thomas
Btw: what is the curse???

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