The Best Friend

Sean was attractive, funny, and charming. He was interesting, and according to rumours and his cheeky smirks, he was pretty good in bed. I'd known him for about five years after meeting him through mutual friends, and for some reason, we had just become friends.

We'd shared the odd kiss of course, but it was purely drunken frolics before hitting the kebab shop. Nothing sturdy. Nothing of substance. But now, I'd become restless, and bored.

"You've got that look in your eye."

I lift my eyes to meet his, a soft swirl of dark chocolate mixed with liquid honey, contrasting with his pale skin. His hair was so dark it looked almost wet, and it constantly fell into his eyes.


I stir my latte, trying to appear bemused.

"The 'I've got an idea and it involves you' look."

I smile then, and I blow on my drink, knowing he is watching me suspiciously.

"I have got an idea, actually," I say, before taking another gulp of the hot coffee. S

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Best one so far.

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