Chapter Twenty Two

Making it back to the house, we help each person inside carefully. My mom managed to cover the couches with sheets to keep them clean so each person had a comfortable place to sit. They all looked completely terrified as they took in their new surroundings. The horror that is stained on their faces made me worried. I hope no permanent damage was done so my job won't be that hard getting them back to themselves.

My mom started handing out bowls of stew to each person and bread. Watching them closely as their hands shook while holding the bowls and trying to eat. Nodding towards Don, he grabbed his stew and came to sit at the island next to me. "How long has it been since everyone ate?" Asking with pure concern in my voice.

"A couple days maybe. We rationed what we found in the nearby houses. Believe it or not, we had a group of twenty people and went for runs for food regularly." Pausing to take a bite of food and sip some water. "The last run we went on, we were attack

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