chapter 283

Kyan looked at me before looking at the sky and back at his father. Something flooded through him, it felt like determination as he took off and ran outside the ruins and grabbed the Grimoire. He came back flicking through the pages before he looked back inside the coffin, rummaging around before pulling out the talisman from underneath Dominic.

It was like the one in the dagger; it shared the same shape. I glanced down at the open grimoire, noticing the drawing inside, a picture of the moon and the two stones. Yet as I picked up the dagger that held the other I noticed the difference. The one in the dagger was blood red and sparkled, the one Kyan held was a crimson color but dark and shadows made it almost appear smoky.

Eziah came to stand by me. He pocketed the dagger to return it to the moon goddess realm.

Kyan finds the spell, making both Eziah and I repeat it before nervously glancing up at the moon which was directly above us. We recited the spell that should break the stone.

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Francis M Torres
I'm in tears
goodnovel comment avatar
She said ‘that I can live with,’ which isn’t something you would say if you were actually dying. I think Kat’s mortal body will die but she will continue to be the moon goddess, and live in the other realm
goodnovel comment avatar
Brianne Copenhaver
No! This will kill Mateo and ezrah! Damn, why the hell can't there be happiness?! Wtf

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