Chapter 23

We watched the Conjuring. Mateo had the blanket pressed under his nose the entire time so he could cover his eyes on the so-called scary parts.

I have never met anyone so scared of a movie. Mateo was worse than a little girl, jumping every second. The Alpha passed out about twenty minutes into the movie, saying it was boring. Mateo had his eyes glued to the TV, too scared to look away, and kept asking when the scary parts were over and pressing against me like I could protect him from the TV.

Grabbing our empty plates, I put them in the bin downstairs before coming back up to find Mateo practically sitting on Alpha Ezra. His eyes glowing in the darkness nearly made me jump out of my skin.

"I shouldn't have drunk so much beer," he tells me as I climbed on the bed beside him.

"Why?" I ask, snuggling under the duvet.

"I need to pee," he says as I flick off the TV that was

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goodnovel comment avatar
This is the funniest friendship I can’t stop laughing at “tickle tickle” like wtf there so random.........
goodnovel comment avatar
Rebel Peni
LMAO I might do that to someone when they yawn and don’t cover their mouth stick my fingers in their mouth so they gag
goodnovel comment avatar
Jideofor Ifeanyi
a beta beating an alpha ass never heard of that one

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