3- Meeting

So he was her boss. She was in a state of shock, knowing that he was not only a young pass, but also her first impression in front of him was not so good. She had come to his office. He was typing on his phone.

 He motioned for her to sit down. She reluctantly pulled out a chair and sat down. For a few minutes he was talking on his mobile phone, but his eyes were on her face that was busy staring at table. The disgust on her face is due to his sharp eyes. He asked as soon as he turned off his mobile and put it on the table.

“Don’t you like your office?”  She was stunned by this sharp question.

“Not, there is no such thing.”

“So why are you upset?”

“No, I'm not upset.” She tried to reassure hm. silently for two minutes as if trying to read something on her face then he took a deep breath and said. “All right. I admit that you are not upset. Now let's talk about some work. You must know that you work with me. I have a very professional approach to work, I do not tolerate clutter and dishonesty, and you will not have a heavy workload. You don't know many basic things. So for a month or two you will be trained in these things and proper guidance will be given. After that you have to do everything yourself and I think it will not be a problem. I don't want to give you a long and wide lecture. Enough instructors for today. If you have any problem here, you can come to me. Now you can go.”

She got up quietly and came out. Slowly people started coming and going in the office. But all were from different sectors of the firm. She just keeps reporting on the intercom until lunch.

Aafia came to pick her up shortly before lunch break. She came with her to the factory cafeteria. There were a large number of women. She was very calm.

 The days were passing like this. She used to work on computer and fax with Aafia for two hours after coming in the morning and then she would come to her office and deal with some work there. Nahil Ellam always came late. But when he arrived, he worked quite mechanically. Someone from another factory or firm would come to him one by one or call someone and when someone would call him, he would be busy with someone on the phone.

 There were different parts in the firm. Now a new part was being formed which was entrusted to his younger brother. All sections worked under the supervision of Alexander but he did not interfere in the work of his sons. He objected to anything only when the firm feared or was harmed for some reason, nor did he give his sons complete freedom in all other matters.

She had learned that Nahil spends most of the year abroad and she was overjoyed to learn that. Aafia had told her that he would go there every year and now Romeesa was anxiously waiting for him to go out. She has no problem with Nahil but she was still not satisfied. She was terrified of his eyes even though his eyes were very attractive but she could not see in his eyes.

There was a very strange impression in his eyes. She became very upset. She knew that he was very popular not only in its own part of the firm but also among the girls working in the other part of firm. The main reason is obviously that he was one of the owners of the firm. And he was very beautiful, but another reason was the soft tone of her voice. He did not have the pride or arrogance that his two older brothers had. He treated his subordinates with good manners until one of them did so. He did not flinch or humiliate anyone in anger. Nor was he to blame for every single mistake. Probably a factor as to why those who worked for him were more satisfied.

Earlier, the girl worked as Nahil’s Secretary had been working in the Chamber of Commerce before that. Shortly after joining the firm, she came very close to Nahil.

She was very beautiful. She knew all the tricks to control the men and Nahil was flirt. In a few months, the situation was that even in the evening she used to go back to Nahil's car. Every other day she would show something or other and said that Nahil had given it to her. In fact, he used to give her many gifts. He used to go with her to other countries for travel. Then slowly Nahil's interest began to wane. The series of gifts also stopped and obviously she could not have survived on the empty salary. So after a year, she left her job.

“So I am advising you to be careful. This guy is flirting. He can’t fall in love with poor girls like. Nor can he marry us. Yes, the shackles of humiliation and disgrace can surely fall on our necks. So it is better that you do not listen to him. If you show a little strength, so he won’t bother. The good thing is that if there is no response from a girl, then he quietly withdraws from her.” One day, Aafia made almost all the revelations about Nahil Ellam. Her worries about Nahil had increased. She stopped using make-up as a precautionary measure.

Sometimes she wanted to quit her job but this was not possible. Even her aunt was not ready to give up the job. She also said that such a job is for the lucky ones. Salary was good. Many times she told her aunt about what was being said about Nahil Ellam.

What's wrong if he is not of good character? There is something wrong with every man. And then you are not alone, thousands of girls are there with you. This is what girls do. After all, they are also girls, but they do not run away in the dark. Then people have a habit of making a mountain of rye anyway. You don't have to worry; you don't have to worry about anyone.”

She listened in silence. There was no other solution. She lived in her house. According to her aunt, she was very kind to her and now she is able to read for others so that she does not have to worry about her own futility. Sometimes her heart breaks and he cries. If she had her own father or mother, would her fears be justified? Probably not.

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