Taming Darkness Chapter 1

Aleera’s face twists with rage, and she shoves me, making me stumble to catch her as she jumps me; I try to toss her off when her lips crash against mine, and I gasp at the force of my magic leaving me as she absorbs all my power, not leaving a drop. I feel the monster that lurks inside me rear its head as her bond latches onto mine. The nervous energy through the bond with our mates is palpable.

Fear so strong, I could taste it as I fought to stop the darkest parts of me from taking over; we all knew she couldn’t handle the monster I could become. Yet, she was determined and refused to let go, making me stumble back onto the bed. She crashes on top of me, her legs straddling my waist, and she pins me with my own magic, her hands pressing against his chest.

I growl at her, glaring up at her, and our mates back off—their energy ripples behind her as our gazes lock.

“Three down, one to go,” she murmurs, and I watch horrified as she gives herself over to instinct, letting the bond force
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Amber V.
Oh no! What happened to the audio??? I'm at work and can't listen to the rest of the book ......
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Sue Hager
sweet like honey?? more like his 3 other mates... or
goodnovel comment avatar
what chapter 42? Book 2 ends on chapter 41

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