Taming Darkness Chapter 2

Aleera POV

A moan escapes me as I watch Kalen kiss Darius, his fingers wrapping around his cock, stroking his length while Tobias feeds from him.

In return, I enjoy the sound of four, almost synchronized, growls as all eyes go to me. My blood suddenly rushes up to my cheeks, I know I'm blushing, but the burn isn't nearly as intense as the one between my legs.

Kalen lets him go, stepping back Darius moves closer to the bed; Tobias and Kalen close in his step. Lycus grabs my breast, from where he lies beside me. Once I notice the desperate look in their eyes, I decide to give in and let them do whatever they want to me.

My bond craved them and finally Darius was willing to complete the power exchange, the bond. Despite the pain throbbing between my legs, I wanted more, the bond craved it, craved them.

Lycus shoves me on my back and I close my eyes, enjoying the sensory overload as all four caress my skin. I can tell apart their touches; I know which man's hand and precisely which palm
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Sharni Sharp
Why are we missing the chapter? How do we get it?
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Update soon?
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oh no … I hoped for more :(

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