An accidental kiss

Mark and Lily were staring into each other's eyes, not even blinking. The sound of Lily's phone, made them realize their closeness. Lily looked at the phone and answered it as it was of his father.

"Yes, we ate. Don't worry, we are fine. Hmm, I'm also good. Dad, let's talk about that when you and mom will be home," said Lily. Mark on the other hand was again staring at the sketch in his hand. Lily got near him and tried snatching but Mark stepped back towards the bed.

"Why is he staring?" Lily thought when from the other side of the phone her dad kept talking with her but she was concentrated on Mark and didn't pay any heed to her father's talks. "Hmm... Okay bye."

Hanging up the call, she went near Mark and almost snatched the sketch when Mark again put his hand back when Lily's foot was entangled with Mark's and they both fell

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