Help, Help!!

Her eyes fluttered as she looked at the person’s face. The fearsome eyes of that person frightened her. His pale white skin sent shivers through her entire body. She gulped the saliva that had formed in her throat. Her breaths were getting uneven when the person smiled creepily at her. She stepped back and turned to run away from there when that person in a flash of a second appeared before her.

She was confused that how could a person appear so fast in front of her. She stepped back while the person stepped towards her, the creep smile was still on his face. “You can see me. It is an unbelievable thing that a human can see ghosts,” muttered the person.

“Gh-ghosts?” Lily mumbled and without wasting any second she started running upstairs, beside which she was standing. She was panting heavily as she was running upstairs when she took a turn to the left, unbeknownst where she was heading to. “Help, help,” she shouted as loud as

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