Luna's comeback from Hell

Luna's comeback from Hell

By:  Queen B  Ongoing
Language: English
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Revenge: the only dish best served with a side of sass and a sprinkle of humour. ~ a soul with a dark and miserable past~ ~ a wolfless reborn in hell ~ ~ ️a mate entwined in a bloody burning vengeance thirst️️~ ~ an irresistible kickass heroine~ Ever wonder how vengeance feels like? ‍ She was betrayed and killed by her loved ones, because of her inability and tagged as a cursed one. They killed her innocence! She burned in misery and pain, but right now........ THE SHOW IS HERS!! But is that really it? In her journey of vengeance, she discovered something very peculiar and queer. Though, it was unknown if that peculiarity will revive her light and quench the darkness in her? It was uncertain if (one) can change the misdeeds of hundreds.... ... ~~~~ Alpha Zayn yanked Anita close to him and rubbed her bare back, as his eyes layered with a billion shade of lust. " Do you know what I can do to you?" The hoarseness in his voice chilled Anita's ears, and his warm breath fanned her cheek gently. Anita curled her lips naughtily and pressed a hand on Alpha's Zayn shoulder, allowing a bit of her cleavage to come into view.. " What can you do to me?" She whispered seductively, with a calm attractive face. " L**k my cl**t? F**k my a*s? Suck my p**ks?" But that was a guise. Deep in her, she was dying to rip out Alpha Zayn's heart, feed it to the beast, smash his head brutally, and peel his skin off from his body! Alpha Zayn lowered his lusty eyes at Anita, before licking his bottom lip. " You look like you have a bad plan for me." Anita's eyes contracted, immediately moving her hand to Alpha Zayn's sh**ft. " Do I?"

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Adebukola Adepoju
Not bad...going more interesting ......
2023-08-23 07:24:57
122 Chapters
Chapter 1. Bloody
Inside a dark eerie place, stained with dry blood all over, sounds of light footsteps approaching could be heard, before a silhouette appeared, holding a weapon that seemed like a long sword. Two women could be seen, tied unto a wooden chair, that was creaking loudly as they tried to struggle to be free. Their mouth was blocked with a piece of cloth, not allowing them to say anything. But they were screaming and crying so loud to the extent, it overwhelmed the entire place. Their veins popped out, as hot sweats decorated their face. " Mmmm!"" Arghmmmm!"" Shut up!" An aggressive looking lady contorted her face in anger, as she stepped forward and punched the tommy of the two women. " Do you want me to slice your head into two?!" The two women groaned and lowered their head. They were very helpless. A mad agony creeped unto their soul gradually and it was unbearable! The silhouette came into view, and it turned out to be a lady wearing a chilly stoical face, who was in
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Chapter 2. Bad fate
~Ten years ago~Distant cacophony of birds chirping and sound of a cascade could be perceived slowly, as a young lady came into view, appearing all ragged. She was sort of exhausted with the way she looked. She staggered forward and dropped the log of woods she was carrying on her back. The young lady was known as Anita, the only werewolf without a wolf, in the pack, and she was very very popular. The moment Anita dropped the log of woods, she immediately started chopping them into usable pieces. Indeed, she was tired, but she didn't dare to stop, for fear of getting hit again. Sweats tickled down from her face, as her hands trembled, but there was no one to help her. Just then, a young elegant lady walked up to meet Anita and instantly poked her head! " Haha, I hope you are enjoying the work?" The lady made a derisive snort and crossed her arms over her chest. She was none other than Anabelle, Anita's step sister. " There is nothing to enjoy!" Anita muttered beneath her brea
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Chapter 3. Cursed ones
Instantly, everywhere became dead silence to the extent, even a pin drop could be heard. Vera was cold and indifferent, as she lowered her eyes at the unconscious Anita." Is she?" Anabelle straightened herself and wiped her clammy hands together." I think the next thing is for us to bury her now before father comes back." " Oh, don't be a scaredy cat!" Vera rolled her eyes, as she waved her hand. She stood up again and strolled forward to where Anita was lying. " Get up bimbo! You think a trick like this can put us in place? How dumb!" She stepped hard on Anita's tommy, almost injuring her before sprawling water all over her face. *Cough* * Cough* With that, Anita jolted and started coughing out loud. She patted her chest with closed eyes and knitted brows. Vera stepped backward and gazed at her daughter. Anabelle just inclined her head slightly downward and scratched her neck. She totally didn't expect that. " You are too narrow headed!" Vera hissed at her dau
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Chapter 4. Caught 
Anabelle proceeded to walk forward, but her father's words stopped her." I think it's the wind." Arnold commented, as he also looked back. Anabelle frowned even more and pointed to the place. " But that's the way to Anita's room." Then, she stepped back, with an astonished expression. " Do you think?" " No, don't think like that." Arnold waved the idea off. Anabelle had no choice. She exhaled and straightened herself. " Father, we have to do that! It only a matter of time before the Alpha's guards arrive here. Anita is my step sister, and I care about her, but one life can't ruin three lives and more. I hope you understand. Though, I really feel sorry for Anita, but this is her fate. I guess she is really cursed." Arnold stood akimbo and lowered his head. He was now in a dilemma. Although, Anita was his daughter, but he wasn't proud of her because of her wolfless ability, and he thought Anabelle was right. So there was nothing he could say. Anabelle lowered her eyes,
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Chapter 5. Slaughtering the cursed ones
Anita didn't get to finish her statement, as a large net was thrown over, and it enveloped her, trapping her! At the same time, the two rogues were also caught, and a net was thrown on them. Together, the three were trapped in a very strong net. " Let me go!" It took Anita some seconds, before she realised she was surrounded and trapped! She tried to struggle free, but the net was something else. " Shit!" The two people cursed out loudly, but they couldn't do anything.Anita growled and bit the net with her teeth, but it was futile! She was frustrated and cried out! " I am innocent and not cursed! Just let me go!...... please." She lowered her head and sniffed. This couldn't be the end of her! There was still some faith in her." Haha! Well done Anita, I must say you did well." A familiar voice resounded, and it brought chills to Anita's body.." Do you really think you can run away from me?" Leaves rattled, as approaching footsteps could be perceived, before a familiar f
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Chapter 6. Gate of Hell
A huge burning flames like hell was what that could be seen. It appeared as if the flames were fiery, as they roared with a very bright hue, burning widely and enveloping the whole place..... In the middle of the fiery flames, a silhouette that gave out a feminine shape could be seen. It was unknown who the silhouette was, but it was evident, she was in an unbearable condition. She was chained and seemed to be burning! She yelled and cried out loudly, her voice screaming of nothing but despair and misery! She could feel the heat of the flames like hell, burning her skin, almost close to melting it, which was so agonizing to her. " Noooooo!!!" " Get me out of here!" " I am in pain, please......" Overwhelmed with excruciating pain, she shouted with so much anguish! She pulled her chained limbs, with so much frustration, but it was just futile! " Please........!" She lifted up her already clammy head and yelled on top of her voice! But when she did, her dark face came into
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Chapter 7. Reborn
Years later* Present A young familiar lady woke up in the middle of what seemed like a dessert. Her dark golden blonde hair sprawled on the dry ground, her gray like silver eyes blinking rapidly. She gasped and glanced around, only to realize she was alone, and it appeared as if it was already dusk. " Where am I?" Anita whispered, in a hoarse dry voice, more to herself. Then, she tried to stand up, but before she could, she suddenly felt various shadows looming over her. Anita lifted up her puzzled looking face and behold, she saw that she was surrounded by fierce looking ladies, putting on something close to a warrior outfits. She sniffed and realized the ladies surrounding her were rogues. Instantly, she turned to them. " Did you also escaped from Alpha Zayn?" She asked curiously. The ladies glanced at each other, before one of them replied, " Yes, but it was already a long time." This stunned Anita, and she knitted her brows. " A long time?" She repeated, more l
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Chapter 8. I am the worthy Luna
Anita was not expecting to hear this, and she lifted up her face, scowling. Hearing Zayn's name again, made her feel enraged and a disgusted look roamed her eyes. *Boom* Suddenly, an attack was heard, that shook the whole place...,..." What's that?" Akira raised her head up and looked around. " We are under attack!" One of the ladies at the other tent, exclaimed and informed others. Quickly, all the ladies stopped what they were doing, and they instantly picked up different weapons, including amour shields, some even wore an armlet. Immediately, all the ladies standing close to the Luna, even Violet and Akira, all ran to face what was happening at the moment. At the same time, some of them shape shifted into their wolves and howled angrily! The Luna's face darkened, and she fisted her palms. She stood up with a different, but heavy domineering aura and looked down at the kneeling Anita. The only thing that came to her mind was that, Anita was a betrayal! Anita could unders
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Chapter 9. Mate coming soon
* Crimson Fierce Moon pack* Alpha Zayn laid on his dark grand bed, his mind roaming on different things. It has been some years, since he had ordered the cursed ones to be slaughtered, but after that, he hasn't been himself. He kept feeling he had done something wrong, but he couldn't explain it. The meticulously designed wooden door to his room was knocked, distracting his thoughts and pushed opened immediately. His Beta, Ralph, stepped in, closing the door as he was fully in. " What is it?" Alpha Zayn questioned Ralph irritatedly, without even bothering to glance at him. Ralph bowed slightly, and cleared his throat before answering, " The Elders are here to see you." " Tell them to get lost! I don't want to see anyone of them! Not at this moment." Zayn's expression turned annoyed and indifferent, upon hearing Ralph's information, and he bellowed angrily. Ralph sighed and pinched the lines between his brows. " You know you can't keep doing this?" He said, his eyes full
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Chapter 10. Nothing but a slut
Alpha Zayn walked of his huge grand house, wanting to find a perfect slut to warm his bed and him tonight. The moment he got outside and felt the cool breeze, his eyes landed on a familiar slim figure, who instantly arose something in him..He stood one aside, quite unnoticeable and narrowed his eyes, that were full of lust right now at the figure solely occupying his eyes. Anabelle was busy trying to gather everything she had bought from the market women in the Pack market. It was evident their status had changed over the years with the way she was now dressed in surely expensive attire, that gave out her slim but eye catching figure, highlighting her gorgeous petite face. " Thank you Miss Anabelle. I am sincerely grateful for your patronage. Kindly, extend my regards to Older Arnold," one of the market women, expressed her gratitude, smiling at Anabelle. Anabelle smiled pleasantly at the market women. " Sure, I will." Then she turned her back and called the guards that
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