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Senator Phoenix McIntyre is a respectable politician. Everyone thought that he's a perfect man with a crystal-clear reputation. But behind that perfection lies a dirty secret: he has his own personal whore who fulfills all his sexual fantasies. What can he do? Ever since he saw Brianna Wilson or Eve dancing seductively on stage, his whole body burned with intense desire, the kind of desire he never felt before. She haunted him in his dreams, and he would always wake up with a massive hard-on. That's when he decided to have her. Damn his reputation, he had to taste that sweet pussy. What will happen if his ultimate secret is exposed? What would happen to him if the whole world happened to take a glimpse of how nasty and dirty he is in bed?

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6 Chapters
Chapter One
Brianna sighed as she stared at her own reflection on the mirror. Whenever she wore her makeup and hair, she couldn’t recognize herself. The black wig she used covered her naturally shoulder-length blonde hair. The amber-colored contact lens covered her electric blue eyes. She's now Eve. Whenever she's inside this strip club, she has to make sure all traces of Brianna Wilson will disappear. “Eva, my dear. Be ready in five. You’re next.” The club manager, Zendy peeked through the ajar door and winked at her. “Just as we expected, we’re packed.” She sounded happy.Zendy was the one who hired her when she came to the club looking for a job. The transgender woman immediately took her the moment she entered the club, she was eighteen then, and she was in desperate need of money.Brianna realized that she’s been working as a stripper in this high-end club for two years now and she has no plans in quitting anytime soon. “I’ll be out, Zendy.” Brianna reapplied her signature bright-red li
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Chapter Two
Phoenix parked his car in front of his parent’s mansion. The massive mansion was a three-story Victorian-style with modern detailed designs. There’s a Greek-style fountain in front of the massive mansion and the surroundings were filled with colorful flowers. He turned the engine off and went to open the passenger’s door and held his hand to Brooke, his fiancee. “Thanks, my love.” Her sweet voice rang in his ears, but it didn't have much effect on him. It’s Saturday and it’s their weekly family dinner. It’s a family tradition, the old McIntyre couple made it a point to spend time with family once a week despite their busy schedule. Maids and staff of the mansion bowed and greeted them as they made their way to the dining hall. “Oh, my dearest! You’ve made it!” Therese McIntyre exclaimed in glee when she saw her son and soon-to-be daughter-in-law. “Hi, mom.” “Good evening, Mrs. McIntyre.” Brooke greeted. She kissed Phoenix on the cheeks and hugged Brooke. “As always, you look e
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Chapter Three
The masked woman danced in front of Phoenix. His eyes were focused on every sway of her naked body. Her curves made his body burn in intense need, her perky nipples made his throat dry, and he imagined his shaft going in and out of her sexy red lips. “Fuck!” he cursed silently. He cupped his aching bulge, and without hesitation, he opened his fly to free his rock-hard shaft from its confines. “Ah, yes!” He felt a sudden surge of satisfaction now that his cock is out, he began to stroke it up and down. He never felt this kind of intensity before, it was new to him. Sure, he had fucked women before, but his desire for this stripper was too much. He had never desired a woman this much before. The slow beat of the music in the background faded, and all he could think of was to fuck the woman. “Is this your first time to watch a naked woman dancing, senator?” Her sexy voice tickled every nerve in his body. Damn! How did she know that he was a senator? He didn't disclose any informat
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Chapter Four
Brianna went to the bar earlier than usual. Her heart won’t stop beating fast as reality begins to sink into her brain. She's going to be sleeping with a client tonight in exchange for a hefty amount of cash. A part of her does not regret it, since it’s for her mother’s treatment, but there was this part of her that doesn’t want to accept that reality. She might be dancing naked in front of those men, but selling her body was a different story. She has dreams and hopes to achieve them some day, and she knows she will. “Okay, let’s do this.” She ran her fingers through her hair before she knocked on Zendy’s office. She heard her muffled voice and she opened the door. “Darling, how are you feeling?” Zendy greeted her when she entered her office.Brianna forced herself to smile at her. “I’m a little bit nervous, but totally fine,” she admitted. Zendy tapped her shoulders and gave her a tight smile. “You’ll be fine, Bri. Come, I’ll give you some heads up about this client of ours.”
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Chapter Five
Phoenix looked up at the clock mounted at the wall of his office. It was already seven in the evening. He's already one hour late from his appointment in the club. He chugged the amber-colored liquid in one go. He wanted to drown his nervousness with alcohol, but it was futile. "Damn it!" He silently cursed himself for being so weak. It was just a woman, a stripper for that matter, but he was as nervous when he first entered the world of politics. He let out a frustrated sigh and pulled out his phone and dialed. "This is Senator McIntyre's secretary, he wanted to cancel his appointment. He will just notify you when he's available." He threw his phone on the table after he ended the call. His conscience was telling him that he wouldn't do such thing, but his buddy down there has been hard for hours now, and it was telling him to drive his car as fast as he could and go fuck the girl onece and for all. He leaned back on his chair and closed his eyes. He thought of ugly thoughts
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Chapter Six
Brianna looked at the huge silhouette sitting on the love couch. She swallowed hard as she trace the outlines of his shadows. He's a huge man, probably a six-footer if he stands up. Just by imagining this man will have her underneath, Brianna wanted to run already. But she stood on her ground and took a deep breath. "Sir, I'm so sorry I was late." She apologized, though she knew it was not her fault. She wouldn't wanna pissed him off. Brianna stood in front of him with her tank top and pants. She's still fully dressed, yet she could feel his burning stare. "So, you're Eve…" he drawled. "The one who made those men outside crazy." Brianna's cheeks heated. She knew that fact already, but it felt like a crime when this man spoke about it. "Yes, my name is Eve." He hummed in response. "I bet that's not your real name?" Brianna couldn't help but frown. Did she hear disappointment in his voice? Or maybe she was just imagining things. Why would he be disappointed with a woman like he
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