Chapter Fifty Two

Running for what felt like hours, I see the gate for our home. Walking slowly as I try to keep my eyes open but Jane collapses a few feet away. Our body became so weak from not eating much all week and what we went through in the hall; carrying three full size bodies all the way home took the rest of our strength and we can't take no more. 

"Hurry! Luke and Susan need medical help!" Hearing my mom yell as feet move closer towards us. Feeling the weight being lifted off of my back, Jane transformed us back and I lay in the middle of the street. "Is she ok?" A voice spoke as I listen to my mother sniffle. "I'm not sure. She went through so much! Have someone work on Luke and I will work on Susan." My mom's voice seemed so distant and my world turned black.  


"Baby." His sweet angel like voice rang through my ears as I continue to be motionless. "I know your tired baby but you need to wake up. I need you." I can feel myself want to smile an

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