Me, My Husband, and His Boyfriend

Me, My Husband, and His Boyfriend

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"What kind of business partners would eat each other's lips hungrily?" --- Jessica thought her life was perfect. She thought she had a perfect husband. Good looking, good career, and good in bed, too. Until one day, her perception changed completely when she saw her husband kissing someone else. As if that wasn't bad enough, the person her husband was kissing was a man. She was hurt and disappointed, and she wanted to end things with her husband. Unfortunately, her husband was not only a philanderer but also a master blackmailer. No one knew what sins she committed in the past, but how she was forced to stay with her husband after everything that happened was like a punishment. Her life seemed to be in the grip of her husband, but who would have thought that she was slowly being strangled by a thread with one end held by her husband and the other end held by her husband's boyfriend? One slowly pulled the thread, and the other was reluctant to let go. Jessica was trapped by a thread that, slowly but surely, turned tangled. Unexpected pregnancy, unexpected deceptions, and no one would be able to guess the ending of this story. Would she be able to escape from the entanglement of the thread? Or maybe she would be trapped forever?

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Arhana Patel
great story
2024-05-26 18:38:34
user avatar
Nooooo is she going to end up together with him..... that will be disaster.......he hurt her, betrayed her and don't even love her.... please no don't end up together.
2024-05-09 10:51:18
user avatar
Noah, Jessica, and Tyler just all 3 need to get together and have a MFM relationship
2024-04-14 14:28:39
user avatar
the story is incredible please can you be updating the story frequently
2024-03-17 03:18:05
user avatar
I like the title and the synopsis already. I'm about to start and good lord! I hope they all end up together! I'm keeping my fingers crossed on this one ......️ don't disappoint me, author!!!
2024-03-02 20:49:50
240 Chapters
1. Two Men Kissing
It was the hotel where she and her husband honeymooned three years ago after getting married. Her name changed from Jessica Malone to Jessica Brooks that year, and the hotel held many memories of that happy occasion.Today, she happened to return to the hotel for the first time in three years, but she was alone instead of with her husband. It was because she was here for work today, and she was actually in a rush because she came late today."It's not that I came late, but it was the so-called 'Male God' who easily changed the schedule as if it was as easy as flipping an omelet in a frying pan!" She couldn't help but curse the so-called 'Male God' as she walked past the reception desk and headed towards the glass doors on the west side of the lobby. "Oh, even flipping an omelet in a frying pan is difficult because I never managed to do it," she suddenly corrected her complaint as she continued pacing.The glass doors separated the indoor and outdoor areas of the hotel. Her white sneak
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2. Business Partners
How she appeared at the hotel today was not according to her original schedule. She was supposed to work at the hotel tomorrow morning, but she received a call from her assistant this morning and ended up changing her fate.["Sis, you know that flights are usually delayed for various reasons, right? But that's not the case today because our flight is ahead of schedule. We were supposed to fly tomorrow, but the sky can't wait to meet us, and that's why you have to take off right now if you don't want to be scolded by the sky."]That was what her assistant, Tammy Burner, told her this morning. She was not surprised by how her assistant chose such a difficult way to explain the situation to her, and she was able to immediately understand the content of the nonsensical narrative.'The flight' was her schedule, while 'The sky' was the person she would be working with today. In conclusion, her assistant tried to tell her that her schedule to meet the person had been pushed to today and that
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3. The Arrogant Model
'What's going on here? Why is Noah also at this hotel? Wasn't he on a business trip yesterday?' A series of questions formed in Tammy's head after her eyes fell on the two men. One of them was quite familiar to her, while the other was not familiar at all.Even Jessica's bitter and dark expression didn't escape her sharp gaze, and that only increased her curiosity. However, when she stopped looking back and once again looked towards the older woman, the older woman didn't say anything and just continued to tug at her wrist. Jessica didn't even look at her as she continued to drag her in a direction, but Tammy could still see the ugly expression on the old woman's face. That only added to the unspoken theories that were formed in her head.However, Tammy ultimately didn't express her curiosity, and she just followed Jessica's lead to their destination as if her lips were glued and couldn't be opened to ask anything. "You really can't read the situation, Tammy Burner," came Jessica's v
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4. Let's Get A Divorce
Jessica still hadn't left the hotel, and she was in one of the hotel rooms. However, the room was different from the one used for the photo shoot with actor Matt Habrew. It was indeed a different room because this room was booked in the name of Noah Brooks, and indeed the room had been used by her husband since yesterday.Two days ago, her husband told her that he would be going on a business trip for two days and one night. The man left yesterday morning, and he should go back home in the afternoon today.Jessica didn't ask the exact location of the business trip, but her husband just told her that he would be out of town for the trip. There was no suspicion at all in her heart. After all, her husband often went on business trips in the past, and that was why she didn't ask too much about his recent trips.She expected to see her husband again today after the trip was over, but she didn't expect to see him sooner. She also didn't expect to meet this man at THIS hotel.At this time, s
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5. Male Mistress
"Do you have any beer, bitch?""Can you not call me that? If you dare call me that, then you should call my mother 'the bitch's mother.' Do you want to do that?" Tammy lazily replied to Jessica's words, but she still got up from the sofa and walked towards her kitchen. "And it's still sunny outside. Are you sure you want to have a beer?" She added without looking at the older woman.Jessica didn't go straight home after returning from the hotel. She instead decided to seek refuge in Tammy's apartment, but it seemed like her assistant did not welcome her warmly.But Jessica probably didn't care even if the younger woman didn't warmly welcome her. She still considered that place as her home, and she could even casually sit on the carpet while leaning her tired back against the front of the sofa. It wasn't just her blonde hair that looked messy, even her face was messy, and maybe that was the reason Tammy didn't kick her out of her nest."Is there a label on the beer can that says I can'
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6. What If It Comes Back To You?
Note: this chapter contains a flashback scene...."I won't hide anything from you anymore, and I will tell you everything," Noah finally opened his mouth after he could only remain silent because of Jessica's cornering questions. "To be honest, Tyler and I have been dating since we were in college. We loved each other, but unfortunately, my parents didn't let me be with him. That's because we're both men.""..." Jessica didn't say anything after hearing Noah's explanation.She didn't agree to listen to her husband's story, but she didn't plan to interrupt him either."Maybe it's my fault for coming out of the closet right after graduating from college," Noah continued even though he didn't get a response from Jessica. "At that time, I had hidden my true sexual orientation for years, and that's why I decided to tell my parents the truth. I even took Tyler to meet my parents that day, but things didn't go my way. After telling the truth to my parents, I received a hard slap from my f
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7. Genital Surgery
"Well, that's the full story," Jessica finished with a tired sigh.She didn't look at her assistant, but she waited for her assistant to respond to her. However, the response didn't come immediately, and she frowned before turning to the younger woman. She could see how the woman stared at her blankly with her mouth wide open.In her eyes, the sight was rather disgusting that her frown deepened, but then she reached out towards the jar of peanuts on the coffee table in front of her, and she picked up one of the peanuts before stuffing it into her assistant's open mouth. She didn't even bother to peel the shell of the peanut for her assistant, and that's why her assistant immediately spat out the peanut."Do you want to kill me, Jessica Brooks?" Angrily, Tammy shouted at the older woman while throwing the peanut at the woman."I'm sick of that last name. I want to change it if I can," Jessica wasn't angry with how the younger woman dared to throw the peanut at her, instead she looked s
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8. I Can Be Happy Too
The next morning, Tammy stared blankly at the figure lying on her living room carpet. The room was so messy with a dozen beer cans, and even peanut shells scattered on the coffee table, sofa, and carpet as well.The room was very messy, and the one who should be responsible for the mess was the person lying on the carpet. Of course, Jessica wasn't the only one who downed twelve cans of beer last night. Tammy also drank with the blonde woman, but the one who was drunk last night was the blonde woman. That's why the blonde woman was causing chaos in the living room in her drunken state.Yesterday, Jessica even said she wanted to have genital surgery, but of course, that was just the blonde woman's nonsense and not really what she wanted to do.Tammy shook her head tiredly when she recalled all those bad memories, but then she used her foot to nudge the older woman's shoulder. She intended to wake the woman up, but the woman only groaned like a child before muttering, "Why are you kissin
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9. EntertainMEN
Almost a week had passed since the incident at the hotel when Jessica found out that her husband was actually a dick and liked dicks. People said time would heal pain, but those days were not enough to heal the distress in her heart. The wound was still scarred in her heart, which was why she refused to see her husband's face after what happened between them nearly a week ago. Thankfully, there was still good news amidst the bad news she found at that time. The good news was that her father would be released from the hospital tomorrow. The doctor told her that her father's condition had improved during his nearly two weeks of hospitalization, and that was why he had let him rest at home to recover. Unfortunately, the doctor also warned Jessica to pay attention to her father's mood during the recovery period. That was the reason Jessica had to admit that Noah wasn't wrong in what he said at the hotel a week ago. They couldn't just divorce if Jessica didn't want to see her father in a
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10. Button Boss
Button Boss was one of the biggest fashion companies in the US, and it was even well-known abroad in the last decade. This company had been around for half a century, and that was the reason why it had been able to gain the trust and love of the people. Button Boss specialized in men's fashion. They produced clothes, shoes, and even bags designed for men. However, unlike other brands in the same field, Button Boss was quite bold in its color choices. Other men's fashion brands mostly used dark colors for their products, but Button Boss often used bright colors for their products. That was why Jessica's wardrobe was full of her husband's colorful menswear, and her husband today wore one of his brightly colored suits. The purple plaid suit was nothing new in her eyes, and Jessica almost covered her face in embarrassment after confirming that it was indeed her husband who was wearing the suit. "What are you doing here?" Coldly, Jessica asked the brown-haired man. However, instead of
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