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 “Come in,” Sebestian said, looking up from the report he was filling out when he heard a knock on his office door “are they gone?” he asked Dell when she entered and placed another pile of paperwork on his desk. He sighed with relief when he saw it was completed. He glanced around the room, trying to avoid her gaze, still smarting over the dream she had woken him from. He knew he had a blush on his face and was surprised she wasn't teasing him about it. “Yes, all eight of them, good riddance. They're Jia’s problem now” Dell muttered, grimacing as she remembered the vile trophies the A-Class had collected from the B-Class they had killed. “So, do you want to talk about this morning? You're both going to get hurt if you sneak him in here Sebestian, I would never report you to the authority but these people, we cant trust them if any of them see you together they would report you faster than Allen could
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 Allen glanced around as he followed Monika from the latest magic circle, frowning as he realised it was night time, they had been at it all day and he was exhausted. He noted the busy road, black cabs everywhere and crowds of people hanging around in groups outside of a bar, laughing and smoking. It had been a long time since he had spent any time in London. He looked up at the name of the club Monika was dragging him into, JuJu the sign said. “I have a surprise for you,” Monika said as she pulled Allen into the club, steering him through the darkened, crowded interior. “I thought maybe you would like to see an old friend on our last stop, the fairy leader of London, I think you may recognise him,” she said with a wink at the confused look on his face. “Why are we in a club?” Allen asked, gripping Rose hand with his free one, not wanting to lose her in the crowded bar, the place was nice but
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 Allen stood tapping his foot, restlessly waiting for the B-Class leaders to arrive. He looked at the clock yet again, impatient to be off to the station. He shrugged when he saw Rose roll her eyes when his eyes strayed to the clock for the hundredth time that evening, it didn't help that he had barely slept, he just wanted to get this meeting over with. He glanced up when the guards went off, signalling a new arrival just before the door to his store opened. “Melo, May, thank you for coming,” Allen said, stepping forward to shake their hands when he saw who had arrived. “We're just waiting for Mell and Jace then we can leave,” he said, looking expectantly up at the door when the wards went off again, to see Mell enter. “What are the odds Jace tries to bring half of the court with him?” Melo asked with a grin, eliciting a laugh from everyone in the room, breaking the tension running through th
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  "I should mention that your A-Class aren't the only ones that have collected trophies in the past," Allen said, watching as  expression turned from one of curiosity and acceptance to a dawning look of disbelief before it quickly turned to anger. "Several B-Class have taken the wings skin of A-Class creature," he said, wishing he hadn't had to be the one to reveal this fact. "I take full responsibility for their acti... that is enough!" he said as they all started to protest, silencing them all with a look. Sebestian glared around the table, horrified at the admission, they were just as bad as the A-Class. He sat stewing angrily for a moment as they all fell silent, staring at him, probably waiting for the explosion. A thought then occurred to him, as callous as it was, he decided to use the information as leverage. "Well then, ladies and gentlemen, it seems as though both sides are guilty of the same thing,"
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 Sebestian gaze darted around when he and Allen stepped from the portal, his eyes taking in every detail with one quick scan, realising it was still a little light out as the sun was setting. His eyebrows raised in a silent question to his mate when he recognised where they were. King's Road in Chelsea, London. He looked up at the club owned by the fairy leader of London, JuJu. "Allen, what...?" he asked, wondering why his mate would bring him here. He wasn't aware Allen knew where here was! He almost laughed at the ridiculous thought, he may be the leader of the B-Class but he was a B-Class leader and as such would probably be familiar with B-Class leader all over the world and he had said that he was almost three centuries old. He studied his mates profile out of the corner of his eye, he would have placed him at around twenty-five, maybe a little older if he didn't know that Allen was a Fairy. "We are here to see an old frien
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 Sebestian gaped at his bestfriend, watching the realisation sink in as she stared at David. He watched the emotions roll across her face like a tidal wave, complete and utter happiness turned to shock, fear, desire, confusion, need, pain, self-loathing, anguish, to say she looked conflicted was an understatement. He glanced at his mate when he felt Allen squeeze his hand. Allen looked equally as shocked as he was. His eyes snapped back to Dell.when he heard a ragged gasp escape her. "But... but... but..." Dell gasped out as her world crashed down around her. Everything she thought she knew about herself, about her life and what she wanted from it was quickly disintegrating, sliding out of her grasp before she could grab a hold of it. But she didn't want a mate. But they caused nothing but heartache. But this wasn't supposed to happen to her. But she had never felt so safe and complete in her entire life. But she hadn't even had
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 "Rose, what...?" Allen started as he caught sight of his sister and brother-in-law. "Your magic went off in the middle of the night, what did you expect?" Rose asked, her eyes darting between her younger and big brother, she didn't know where to look first. She settled for her big brother when he raised his eyebrows in a silent question. "Magic detection spell. You live here all alone, I placed a spell on your place to alert me when they go off" she said, her eyes darting back to David, why was there a A-Class wolf sitting in his lap? "What!? When?" Allen spluttered, glaring at his sister. He reached out with his magic, burrowing down through the layers of magic and protections. There! He felt it, a sliver of her magic, hidden in the spells he had placed around his apartment when he had settled there seventeen years ago. "how long ago did you start spying on me?" he muttered, scowling at the superior look on her face.&n
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 "What do you mean, you and Dell will go to Mainland?" Allen asked, narrowing his eyes at his mate suspiciously. It sounded to him as though Sebestian was planning on going without him. "Don't you mean WE will be going?" he asked, raising an eyebrow at his mate, daring him to try and leave him behind. "Absolutely not," Sebestian growled, panic starting to rise in him just at the thought of taking Allen to the Gard. "you think I want you anywhere near that nest of traitorous snakes? Not happening" he said, the finality clear in his tone. "Oh, I'm sorry, you thought I was asking for permission?" Allen asked, his voice dangerously low. He turned on his mate and glared down at him. "I wasn't asking, Sebestian. I will be going with you. What, you thought you were going without me? That I would sit here like a good little Omega, waiting for his Alpha to return" he asked, almost laughing at the thought. "I have mor
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 Sebestian already had a huge grin splitting his face before his eyes were fully open. He took a deep breath, inhaling the scent that clung to him. Allen! The size of his grin, however, was nothing compared to the size of his erection! Fuck, it felt good to have his Omega in his arms, but it also had his body reacting before he was even aware of the fact. His mate would probably be horrified if he were awake to feel it. He tried to wriggle back slightly before a growl erupted from his mate. His breath huffed out in a surprised chuckle when Allen hooked a leg backwards over his thigh and dragged him back in. "Want me to do something about that, Alpha?" Allen asked without opening his eyes, grinning when his mate laughed, the sound was almost one of relief. The effect of the shake of his Alphas body as he laughed was certainly having an interesting effect on where his cock was placed. He couldn't have stopped a low moan escaping him if he wanted to at
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 Allen savoured the feel of his mates hand in his own when Sebestian led him through his portal, reluctantly dropping his hand after one quick, reassuring squeeze, Dell and David doing the same as they followed before the portal closed behind them. They had agreed that once they reached the Gard, they would act as two A-Class members escorting two B-Class head on a diplomatic visit with the head. None of them was too thrilled with the idea but David and Allen refused to put their mates in any situation that would cast suspicion on them, so they let go of each other and adopted an air of professional familiarity. Allen couldn't help sniffing his mate's hoodie, inhaling the scent that clung to it, grinning when he looked at his Alpha wearing his clothes, saturating them in his scent. They had added a scarf to cover the hicky he had left on his mate's neck. "Gentlemen, this is Allen, the leader of B-Class members in Nigaland and Da
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