Magical Meteorite, The Past (BOOK 2)

Magical Meteorite, The Past (BOOK 2)

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*Completed Story* Susan was living a normal life. Happily married and living a farm wife's dream until one day a meteor hit. One minute everything was normal and then the next, towns from all over were panicking and clearing stores for survival. Susan was a planner and she was always prepared but the moment the mist came out of the Meteor, no one was prepared. No one was ready to see the monsters that came from it. Susan had a moment of weakness but she knew, she can over come anything. That was until she saw him. Was he human or was he a monster....

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57 Chapters
Chapter One
This is my life. Having to change the way we live and forage for what we needed. Us humans went from going to the store to buying what our normal day items and going to work to trading at a certain point of day and protecting our families from what lies in the shadows. My name is Susan but my friends and family call me Sussie. There aren't many left that call me any name and I'm alone on most days. It was hard at first but life got easier, easier to care for myself and realize the human population would go extinct. In the beginning, I was afraid of walking outside and looking out my window. I was afraid if I would ever see my family again. I lost my husband during what they call the first wave but before we get to that, let me start from the beginning. *** “Alex babe, you need to leave for work.” I said while shaking him while hovering above. All he did was roll over and cover his face with the pillow. Hearing snoring noises, I shake him o
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Chapter Two
'RING' 'RING' Rolling over, my hand starts beating against the bed. Opening one eye slowly, I manage to locate my phone under the pillow. Reaching under, I slide out and see Alex is calling. “Hello?” Answering in a groggy voice. “Hey love, I'm getting off work in a few hours. I need you to head to the store and stock up on items. That meteorite has caused people to go in a panic and there clearing our stores. Just grab emergency items and head back home. The stores here in town are a mad house so the ones close by you should be ok right now.” I sit up in a panic while rubbing my eyes. What does he mean the stores are being cleared out. That worried feeling in my gut returned as I rush out of bed and started to get dressed.“Ok, I'll leave now. Be careful on your way home. Are you working tomorrow?” “For right now yea. Hopefully they call it off but I won't know till tomorro
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Chapter Three
Grabbing my car keys as I race to leave the house and my phone rings.  “Hello? Alex! Are you alright? What's going on?” Feeling my body suddenly pause waiting for his answer. Sweat starts dripping down my face as my adrenalin begins to spike.  “There are monsters babe, I'm not going to make it. They tore through the construction site and started tearing my men limb from limb.” After finishing his sentence, he started having a pained coughing fit.  “Baby, your fine! Make it to your truck and drive home! I can take care of you!” Tears roll down my face and my hand started to shake as I grasp my phone tightly against my ear.  “No Susan, I'm tore up. They gashed my whole abdomen and I'm bleeding out. I'm hiding in a storage building so I can talk to you one last time. I won't even make it if I head for the truck.”  “Please Alex, don't leave me!
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Chapter Four
'BEEP' “Sussie, are you there? Can you hear me alright?” Stirring on the floor, I slowly wake up hearing my dad's voice. Looking around, the house is empty and another beep came from the CB. Lifting my achy body off of the floor, I walk over and speak into the radio.  “Yea dad, I'm ok. I just fell asleep. You and mom ok?”  “Yea, we are fine. The news cut off and Don stopped by saying there is a town meeting for those who stayed.”  “Ok, let me get ready and I'll pick you and mom up.” Dad agreed.  Walking to my room as I look at all the photos handing on my wall, tears filled my eyes seeing a happy Alex in all of them. I can't believe how much it hurts losing my husband. Gliding around the room, looking at the photos and remembering the memories we shared, I will never heal from this. Whatever those things are, I will make sure they die the
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Chapter Five
After dropping my parents off, I stopped at the home in between ours to see what I could gather. I noticed them leaving yesterday so I knew their home would be vacant. Pulling up, the home looked untouched which is great for me.  Getting out of my truck, I make sure I have my gun ready and grab my backpack for any small items. Looking around the yard, not a person in sight. Feeling good about the silence, I make my way towards the back of the driveway where the barn is located. Walking to the barn, I reach for my flashlight and as I'm about to reach for the door, a sound stirs from inside. Grabbing my gun and pointing it towards the door, I take a step back and continue to listen. Seconds later, silence fills my ears and I move back towards the barn with caution.  Slowly sliding the door, I peek in and see nothing but darkness. Opening it more to let the light in, I shine my flashlight inside and start looking around before stepping in. With there
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Chapter Six
Pulling up to my home, the full force of pain radiates throughout my whole body. Taking deep breaths, I limp into the house while closing and locking the door. As I head for the bathroom, I glance at the floor as blood spills down my legs leaving a trail. walking in, I go to sit on the toilet next to the counter. Inhaling a breath of relief, I open the drawer and pull out my emergency kit along with the peroxide. Removing the belt from my thigh, I observe the damage as more liquid drains out of the gash.  Unfortunately, I do not have a needle and thread, only an at home staple kit. “This shit is going to hurt...” I say to myself bracing for the pain. Pouring the peroxide over the gash, I wince as the burn spread along with the peroxide. As I pat dry, I hope the wound heals soon so there is no more blood loss; I don't know how much more by body will take. Grabbing a staple in one hand, the other is squeezing the wound to keep it closed. With shaky hands,
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Chapter Seven
After caring for my leg, I look around and notice Luke was no longer in the living room but I smell food cooking. He sure made himself at home now didn't he?  A few minutes later, Luke brought a tray in with chicken noodle soup and two grilled cheese sandwiches. Smiling, I take the tray and place it on my lap.  “Thank you, you did not need to do that.” My stomach started to rumble and I realized this is the first time I'm eating today. “Well, for you to heal properly, you need to eat.” Pushing his attitude towards me. Tilting my head to the side, I look up and watch him roll his eyes. Well, he went from nice to being an ass really quick. Ignoring him, I started to eat and as the first touch of food hit my tongue, I was in heaven. Smiling up to my dad with a mouth full of food, he kissed me on the cheek and headed out the door as Luke followed suit.  This whole thing couldn't get any weirder. My d
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Chapter Eight
With my grip being so tight, my gun started to shake as I try to make out the largely built shape in front of me. Only hearing a deep, course breath, I start walking back. Rubbing my eyes with my free hand as I aim with the other. Starting to see clearly, Luke's face starts coming into my view.  “Can you stop pointing a gun at me?” He painfully says while shifting towards the island, placing a hand on the side to help him stand. Lowering the gun, I notice he is in fact shirtless, but also bleeding all over the floor.  “Are you ok Luke? You look pretty fucked up.” Placing my gun down, I walk into the kitchen and grab a towel. Making it back to him, I place the towel lightly on the marks running along the front of his torso.  “Yea, I'm alright. Just looking for a doctor.” His face showed an amused look and I couldn't help but smile. Looking to make sure the door was closed and then I guided Luke
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Chapter Nine
Luke's POV- I have no idea why she is so damn stubborn or why she can't trust me. Susan is the ideal mate but the way her and her dad have talked about such hate towards my kind, there is no way I can tell her what I am. Not now anyways.  What is the best way to explain to her what happened? The events that happened at the meteor are quite foggy still. What I do know is most of the creatures that were made are complete monsters. I don't blame them completely for hating them but after I was turned, I chose to run, not kill.  The moment the mist swarmed over the thousands of people in the area, me being one, all I heard was yelling. The piercing screams along with bones breaking was terrifying. I was standing in a crowd of people one minute and the next, my body was throbbing from pain. My bones were shifting and cracking with each move I made.I started running as fast as my legs could take me until I collapsed to t
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Chapter Ten
Susan's POV- Who the hell does he think he is? Getting mad at me for protecting myself and my family? Alex told me not to trust strangers and I won't. After finishing my breakfast and washing the dishes, I started to get ready for my day. My leg is still sore but thankfully a full two days of healing, the bleeding fully stopped and I can move it a lot more.  Walking out the front door, I gasp at all the damage they have done to my house. The gutters and siding were completely torn from my home, along with having to replace all my windows. Tears well in my eyes walking around my home, the home I worked so hard for. Shaking the anger, I open my garage and began the clean-up. Lifting the pieces thrown all over my yard I notice dust covered the grass in certain places. There had to of been twenty blood suckers with how much dust covered my yard.  As I finish picking up the debris in my yard, a noise was coming from the road. Squealing and
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