Heart At Knifepoint

Heart At Knifepoint

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"I would rather cut my hand than hurting you. I can't even-- I - that thought can never cross my mind. Do you understand?" he said cupping her face in his large hand tilting it up so that he was looking directly in the beautiful brown eyes of hers which were filled with fear. Once peacefully life of Edna Williams turned upside down , when a mafia lord decided to give her his undivided attention, caging her in his world leaving her trapped. { Currently Under Editing }

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We all have one person in our life, who claim to be always there. You know the one that says ' You need anything , anytime. I am just one call away.' The person contact you save on your speed dial. The gesture itself is so kind and warm to feel. But Edna here was feeling the exact opposite because her best friend wasn't picking up her call. This is treachery.Rolling her brown orbs she stuffed her phone in her pocket and glared at her broken black  honda." Ugh! Nathan." She growled as humanly possible but jumped up in air, when she heard wolves growl coming within deep from forest. " Stupid , stupid car!" Frustrated she kicked the door instead of it helping her in someway she felt pain in her toes given she was wearing flats.Wobbling over her fine leg , she cursed under breath. A swish of air ruffled up her brown locks. A black sleek BMW was the reason of her messy hair which
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" So, you are saying. Whoever is sending this text is stalking you?" Nathan questioned leaning on his hand which were on her table.She called him and Jenna as soon as she received that message. Before it was harmless but the thing that whoever was texting knew her car was gone had her danger bell ringing in her head. " What else it could be? Edna hisses out stoping rubbing her temple. " You have sort of some secret admirer? Isn't that exciting?!" Jenna quiered looking at both of them from near the window where she was standing adoring a pink floral dress which reached up to her knees. " That's creepy." Both Nathan and Edna said in unison regarding her with a glare." Okay." Holding up her hand in surrender Jenna protected herself. " Why are we friends with her again ?" Nathan asked exasperatedly and Jenna protested with a 'Hey!' " Because she does my shopping?" Edna offered pointing her attire which was a red t
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  Edna moaned in pain once again as her already bruised raw wrist came in contact with the rope that was tying her to the wooden chair. She slowly peeled her eyes open wincing slightly as her head throbbed in pain. Did she pass out again? She thought she licked her dry lips and soon a metallic taste entered her mouth. Her lips were bleeding as she sighed in frustration.Everything hurt so much. What had she done to deserve this? How long will this torture day last. It’s been only a day and she was losing her mind already. She was never this pathetic, helpless girl but tied up to a chair, bloody and bruised. Her body felt numb with the pain. She tried hard but she couldn’t be that strong at least not physically. Licking her dry lips, she coughed, her throat dry as desert. She couldn’t even remember when her lips touched the drop of water last time.A shaky breath escaped past her lips wh
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  Edna squinted her chocolate orbs, trying to recognize her surroundings. Pressing her palms flat against the fluffy mattress, she sits up slowly. Her eyes scanning the unfamiliar room she was in only to find that it was a huge room with dark, purple walls with everything a rich person could afford. She blinked her eyes taking in all the previous events and a gasp escaped her lips.My doll…That word resonated in the depth of her brain, prompting a panic in her heart. She knew that it was probably her stalker because she was certain that she heard him saying that she was his doll , because no one else had given her such a pet name except him.“ What is going on?!” She questioned letting her feet touch the cold tiled floor, raising goosebumps all over her skin.“ The hell happened?” Question slipped past her lips as she looked down at herself and her eyes widened
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 “God! Such a trouble you are my doll.” Her savior and tormentor was finally here.Edna rubbed her twice in hope that the man she was seeing in front of her was not really there. The man in black shirt was shaking his hand looking at the mess she had created.“Have you been crying?” was asked to her in a soft voice as if not wanting to scare her more.“Mr. Pie—tro ..” She barely chocked out finally founding her voice which she lost somewhere looking at the man in black shirt in front of her ;fisting her shirt tightly.No, No, No!!!!“You are not the one who was texting me right? You can’t be, off course that’s not you.” Edna half asked to him and half mumbled to herself.Adriano frowned deeply at her hope of him not having that same person. Sighing deeply he ran a hand through his messy black hair as he crouched down in the front of the girl who was shaking her he
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(Warning: Violence)Edna contemplated on running and staying where she was but before she could have reached on any conclusion a warm hand covered hers over the door knob and she watched helplessly as he shut the door making her stumble back and bump into his chest. Edna froze in her place and softly banged her forehead on the door as she felt Adriano’s presence behind him."Turn around" commanding in a deep annoyed voice he finally removes his hand from over her."I said turn AROUND!" he raised his voice an octave and the iciness in them made her squeeze her eyes tightly as she shakily turned around to find him awfully close to her.His blue eyes were glaring daggers at her and if looks can kill, she would be six feet under the ground already. She averted her gaze down to his chest at the speed of light when she saw the cold look on his face. Nevertheless, it was not for long as two long fingers went under her chin
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Edna ran as fast as she could through the dark unknown hallways .She didn't care how fast her heart was beating or that she had slipped twice falling on the floor. She just knew one thing; she had to get as far as possible from that monster chasing her .She stopped at one corner catching her breath which was coming in small gasps. She screamed a little and flinched back when she felt a hand on her shoulder." Hey, it's me Rose calm down " Rose said softly ." Rose ,..." Edna hiccuped before continuing " H--e   ki--lled someone . He is going t--o ki--ll me too." She said as tears streamed down her face .Rose pulled her into a hug running her hand up and down in order to calm her. Edna got a grip of herself a little as she pulled away from the warm embrace. How much she missed her mother. She wanted to go back home ." You okay? " Rose asked concern laced in her voice .Edna nodded her head still sniffing ."
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Edna chocked on her food as she heard him answering ,she looked at him shocked and searched her mind for something to remind her if she really saved him but nothing came  to her mind.She huffed looking at him while he was giving her amused expression and Edna wondered why ? " You are saying I-" she said pointing her index finger towards her." saved your life " she asked wide eyed ." I think that's what I  said " he answered , a small smirk played on his lips ." Okay, so why I can't remember such great , courageous  event of my life!" she asked throwing her hand in air , visibly confused and annoyed ." You don't remember because you don't know that you saved my life ." he said getting up from the bed and straightening his blue business suit which Edna noticed now , if she being honest he looks quite handsome . " Now , I'm  totally confused could you please explain .....because this is so confusing.  " she said
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 "He didn't take her, did he Daniel?" Adriano screamed worriedly while Edna looked at both of them confused and worried; confused why Adriano would care so much about an employee and worried whether Rose was fine or not? She seemed like such a good girl. Why would anyone hurt her?"No! he didn't take her Adriano calm down! I was with her but I was so close; so close to losing her, we have to get rid of him. If something had happened to her today.. " Daniel trailed off disappointed.Adriano let out of heavy sigh running a hand through his jet black hair. There was so much relief on his face."I know Daniel I know..." he angrily mumbled out patting Daniel's shoulder. "Where is she now?" he asked wearing his emotionless mask again."In her room." he answered shrugging his shoulders."Alone?" Adriano asked knotting his eyebrows."No, Alberto is with her. " "Alberto! You had&n
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Two weeks. It's been two weeks since that threatening call from Vincent. Two weeks Edna being captivated by Adriano and on the top of that Daniel literally became her shadow. Edna could wander through the whole mansion but not alone. The big bodyguard followed her everywhere until Adriano was back. Edna became so frustrated of all this. She wasn't allowed to go out of that mansion or even see the beautiful green garden outside.When Edna woke up today Adriano wasn't by her side which was strange as well as a big relief to her. The first thing she usually saw in the morning was Adriano's face: his icy blue eyes fixed on her face. Sometimes she wondered whether he slept or not? What was with his obsession seeing her all the time? It made Edna super uncomfortable when he watched her every action; rubbing her eyes or getting up from the bed, his eyes followed her all the time he was home. Edna became used to it by now, but it didn't make her feel any less
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