My Cold Alpha Baby Daddy Wants Me Back

My Cold Alpha Baby Daddy Wants Me Back

By:  Lana Mora  Ongoing
Language: English
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"You're mine, Betty. You always have been." "I'm not…" "Yes, you are. Fight me off all you want. Lie to my face that you don't feel shit for me anymore. Keep refusing to tell me why your son has such a striking resemblance with me. I don't care. Because one thing is clear as fucking day, Betty…" "And — and what's that?" "You miss me. You crave my touch. Now say that's a lie too. I dare you. I double dare you…" –––––––––––––––––––––––––––––––––––––– Sold to the cold, domineering Alpha by her abusive stepfather, Betty is dangling from one miserable fate to another. When she realizes the cold Alpha is her fated mate, she tries to win his love. But his aloof nature makes it impossible. One night, she runs away from the Pack, with his unborn heir. She starts life anew away from him and everyone else who has made life hell for her. Years later, he shows up in front of her, begging for her love and forgiveness. But this time, she's not the naive and pitiful girl he once knew. This time, she's determined to keep her son and her body away from him. No matter how hard it is. And no matter how badly she's tempted to go back into his strong, alluring arms. She needs to stay away from him. But that's not easy, especially when he's stalking her now and going out of his way to seduce her back into his life. How long before her strong resolve breaks? Or will she forever stick to her vow of never returning to him?

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30 Chapters
"This way, Miss." I turn to the strange woman, dressed in some white and blue tailored outfit with an apron over it. A couple of other servants who have walked past us are dressed like her. But they don't have the apron, the cap on her head, her stout gait, or the sternness in her voice.She must hold some kind of high position to be able to incite fear easily with just her voice. "One moment, please. I just need to talk to my father." I plead again, trying to get out of the massive gate in front of me.I get blocked off by the guards with rigid looks on their faces. Father is flagging down a taxi with a satisfied grin on his face and the bag of cash in his hands."You should stop saying that and come with me. I don't have all day!""I can't just go with you. I need to speak with my Father…""You can't speak with him or with anyone outside the gate from here on. You've been sold to the Packhouse as a breeder. You have no more business with the outside world. How hard is that to unde
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The clock ticks midnight and I hurry out of the bed, gripping the silk fabric of my nightie.He'll be here soon. The thought of that makes my heart give a crazy thud against my chest. The head maid, Mary, had been very specific about the time of his arrival. Yeah, I realized why she's dressed differently and has that rigid aura around her. She's the head maid and has worked the longest here in the Packhouse.She also mentioned that I have to look soft and accessible. I shouldn't question him and I should do whatever he asks. With no delay.He hates delay. I can get killed for it.She also said —"Get out!" A rigorous, deep, and fierce masculine voice yells outside the door. I hear footsteps scurrying away. Is it the soldiers the head maid Mary placed at my door to keep me from running away? Who just gave them that order to leave?The doorknob turns and the door opens. I gulp repeatedly, intertwining my clammy, shaky fingers. A man walks inside and shuts the door behind him. Bolts
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"Get out! And take this mess with you. I don't ever want to see you in my study, bedroom, or anywhere close to me. How the hell do you not listen?!"Drenched with hot coffee and sprawled on the floor in the middle of the brown mess, I can only shed quiet tears as he continues to yell at me.I can't even look at him. It'll make me feel more trashy and miserable. The hate in his eyes has always been a poisonous blade that leaves eternal slashes on my heart.It burns me to ashes. Makes me want to disappear from his sight. Regardless of how much I care about him. He tries to come closer to me but gets held back by Beta Luke. They're struggling and once again, Beta Luke is keeping away from snapping my neck.I thought I'd witnessed the worst hardship in the world. I thought I'd gone through the worst kind of pain. But that night proved me wrong.That night when I realized he's my mate and the other nights and days that have followed where I try as hard as I can to make him love me — They'
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Classic tunes from the speakers reverberate the hall and sync with the low-key chattering of the thousands of guests present. It's Alpha Ace's birthday and it has pulled in almost everyone in the Pack and people from the other Packs who are allied with us. The war that lasted two decades between every Packs in the region created a long-term feud between so many Packs. Our Pack is in enmity with so many Packs. Just a few still have a good relationship with us. You can blame it on Alpha Ace for not even trying to fix the feud. Or you can blame it on the other Packs for not being forgiving enough to let go of the grudge. The bottom line is that we have more Pack enemies than friends.I take a deep breath, trying to control my anxiety. Maybe I shouldn't have come to the party. I hate feeling this way. Like a time bomb just went off in my stomach, causing irreparable chaos. But then again, it's Alpha Ace's birthday. I can't miss it. Even though I feel very uncomfortable here. He's my m
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Ace's POVThe shoving footsteps going through the hallway wake me up from my deep slumber. I groan at the splitting migraine, trying to blow my head off. I sit up with a groan, struggling to open my eyes against the sun rays beaming straight on them. The blinds have been open. Was it Luke or the servants? Another painful spasm goes through my head and I'm cradling it in my palms. Why the fuck did I drink so much last night?What was going through my head? It felt like I was on a mission to drown myself in booze. And now I'm paying the hardest way for it.It's all her fault. That damned breeder who showed her ugly face at my party and jinxed the air. Seeing her put me in a cranky mood all night. I lost all patience to sit around and enjoy the party.Booze was my only solace. My fucking haven. But now it's killing me.Someone, please get me something to cool it off with. Or I may lose my fucking head.The door opens and the head maid walks in with a tray. "Good morning, Master." She b
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Ace's POVA YEAR LATER…How fast time flies! Especially when all you're doing is counting the minutes each day until you fall asleep or you're deep in thought or moping around. It's been a year since Betty disappeared from my life. I try so hard to hide the agony she left behind. I try so hard to control it. But then, I figure there's no use denying it. I miss her. I need her back. I need to find her.Searching for her isn't easy. I don't know anything about her. Her crackhead stepfather had disappeared too. No trace of him. She doesn't seem to have any other relatives so my search meets a dead end. Having no clue where to look, I fall into a depth of depression. Craving her but not having her in my arms. I'm about to go insane from that wretched feeling."Master." A knock and footsteps snap me out of my thoughts. My gaze is back on the piles of files on my table that need signing. Treaties and deals for the Pack. My strenuous duties as Alpha. I can't believe I'm slacking off on th
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ACE’S POV“The car is ready, Sir.” My chauffeur’s voice pulled me out of my regular zoning. Ever since Luke made that shocking revelation about Betty being my mate, I have searched every pack for her. I have searched with a heavy and regretful heart with every hope of seeing her again. I need to apologize and make my newly found feelings known. I have never felt connected and concerned about a woman not until Betty left. I felt the bond that I stupidly ignored, and I couldn’t let it die with him. I sighed and stood up from the sofa. This was the seventh pack I would be visiting in search of Betty, and I’m onto my eighth already. It was quite tiring, but I have vowed never to stop looking until I find her. I know I will. Pack duties were hanging on my neck, but I have learned to trust Luke with them while I go on the search. I just felt like things could be better between me and Betty. I followed my waiting chauffeur to the parked car.THREE YEARS LATER…..“Okay. Thank you very much
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ACE’S POVThe plane touched down gently, and I could hear the voice of the pilot announcing our arrival at Moonlight Pack. I followed the crowd and left the plane. Waiting for a few minutes at the terminal to get my luggageI walked outside the airport after, and noises from cars and people greeted me. I looked around the unfamiliar town and was suddenly filled with fear. I have never imagined myself stepping into Moonlight Pack. Our disagreement and feud have lasted long enough to drift us apart, but here I am, in the same pack I vowed never to visit.Betty is worth more than a feud, and I would go to any length to get her back. I only hope she wants it, too. I caught sight of a black car and a chauffeur carrying a placard with my name written on it. I shook my head as I approached him. Luke was always extracted, so I had kind of expected it. I got into the car, and the driver put my luggage away in the trunk.“Good day, Sir. I’m Alex, and I would be your chauffeur all through your
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ACE’S POV“Yes?” I mumbled from my sleep. The gentle knock on my door woke me up. As I sat up on the bed, my head spun, and I squinted my eyes from the bright lights across the room. The sun was up already.I stood up lazily and opened the door. A hotel worker was impatiently waiting for me. “Breakfast is ready, Sir.” she said calmly, hiding her earlier anger well. I replied to her and shut the door. Unable to sleep back, I got ready for the day. The weird situation between Betty and I needed to be solved, so I decided to dedicate my whole day to getting to talk to her. She mostly needs to explain “Maxwell” cause he was definitely my child, and she hid it away from me.Pulled out a simple shirt and jeans from my closet and got dressed. Breakfast was brought in a few minutes later, and I sat quietly to bacon, eggs, and avocado toast. Another gentle knock jolted me out of my thinking. Alex walked in after I responded. I had guessed it was him.“Good morning, Sir. The car is ready.” he
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BETTY’S POVSince Ace suddenly showed up at the party, he has not stopped following me. He was everywhere I go. Work, meetings, photoshoots…literally everywhere!I managed to get him to stay away during the photoshoot session. I left immediately after my shot and headed home. Maxwell would be home soon from school, so I wanted to prepare dinner before he got back. I was just leaving the bathroom when the doorbell rang. I thought it was Maxwell but met Ace standing at the door and lusting after my body. I suddenly felt hot. His eyes gazed around my skin, and my cheeks grew red at him checking me out. Calling out his name to get his attention. He looked up at me and repeated similar things he said earlier today. I angrily sent him off and slammed the door in his face. It was hurting to see him again, and accepting him back would be difficult. I ignored the little voice in my head that wanted me to hear him out.“No! Ace would not have his way anymore.” I replied to my wolf and she we
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