My One Night Stand With Mr Arrogant.

My One Night Stand With Mr Arrogant.

By:  Blue_Hisbiscus  Completed
Language: English
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After getting drugged by her best friend at a party, Amelia ends up having a one night stand with a stranger. That stranger turned out to be Liam Grayson the ruthless, arrogant and most successful CEO in their country. "it was just a stand think of it as a gift from me to you" Liam pointed out and in the next second Amelia grabbed his index finger that was pointing at her. "it might be a stand but not all girls are dying to be on your bed especially not me" Amelia replied through gritted teeth. Liam caught hold of her neck "I can be scary, don't try to act special, I will compensate you for your loss" he muttered as he stared at the red stain on the bed sheet. Amelia met his eyes "well I'm not scared of you Mr. arrogant" she pulled his hand off her neck and left the room. Liam narrowed his eyes at her retreating back, that was new no one ever spoke back to him instead they cower back in fear.

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I really enjoyed this book
2024-06-25 13:00:43
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I love one night stand things... lol Absolutely love the first few chapters. Highly recommended
2024-02-01 18:12:54
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Nice Story so far. Got to chapter five and damn! The comeback Amelia gave Liam was heated! Recommended for anyone who loves a strong female lead and an arrogant bossy male lead.
2024-01-18 18:38:35
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Harls Dav
what a nice story keep it up.............
2023-12-29 13:57:17
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waris ola
what a nice story keep it up.........
2023-12-28 19:01:30
user avatar
Papi writes
Just added to my reading list! Can’t wait to continue reading ...️...
2023-09-06 20:59:52
165 Chapters
Chapter 1_ Drugged 1
Giggles and small laughs filled the room as two girls joked around. there was a guy with them he was holding a paper boat."Louisa check who is at the door" a voice resonated from the kitchen. Louisa left to check the door while Jane the other girl winked at him teasingly.A firm footstep was heard, Jane and Greg raised their head to see who it was.Their jaw dropped. A lady stood before them, black shoulder length hair with an intoxicating hazel eyes combined with heart shaped lips. She was putting on a red mini gown that clinged lovingly to her body properly accentuating her figure, her purse dangling lazily on her hand. This lady was the definition of beauty.She snapped her fingers to bring her friends out of their trance. Greg flashed her a charming smile "wow my darling is looking all decked up" Greg praised. Jane smiled but deep down envy was engraved in her heart.A woman came out of the kitchen with a spatula to reprimand them but she got a shock as well, her daughter was be
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Chapter 2_ Drugged 2
Jane took two glasses of wine from a waiter passing by, luckily for her her supposed date has gone to mingle with a few business men.She opened her purse and brought out a tiny bottle with white pills in it.She slipped some of the pills into the glass of wine meant for her dear friend.Nicholas was speechless after he witnessed what the girl did, "wow she has completed my work" he mumbled.He watched her hand it over to another girl, even if the girl was pretty he didn't let his emotions get the best of him.Amelia thanked Jane as she sipped the wine slowly, she failed to see the smug smile plastered on her friend's face.Jane collected the glass from Amelia when she was done, as soon as Jane left Nicholas came over to Amelia."hi" Nicholas greeted politely. Amelia turned to him with a sweet smile, Nicholas felt his heart skipped a beat seeing her smile."hi" Amelia greeted back.Nicholas suddenly started feeling a little guilty seeing that the girl was extremely beautiful for this k
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Chapter 3_ Ruined
Amelia met his eyes "well I'm not scared of you Mr. arrogant" she released the grip on her neck. Liam narrowed his eyes at her retreating back, that was new everyone is always scared of him.Immediately she got to the hotel's lobby, the same media who were admiring her last night flocked around her throwing insulting questions at her." ma'am is it true that you are having an affair with a driver in your company?" a reporter asked. "ma'am tell us how long has this been going on?" another reporter asked."ma'am do you know that your contract with star entertainment is over?".Amelia closed her ears she didn't want to hear anything anymore so she ran out of the hotel.Jane was intertwined with Greg on the bed both of them celebrating their victory, they were currently watching the news, they smiled in satisfaction seeing Amelia's face on the news.Now they were sure that she would never come out of this mess.The door opened with a loud bang, Amelia in her disheveled state came into th
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Chapter 4_ A new beginning
Amelia took a long dip in the bathtub her body was very sore especially down there it felt as if a monster had molested her.Right now all she needed was to plan her next move they most all pay for what they did to her.She couldn't believe how everything was ruined for her in just one night, now wasn't the time to cry and lament her fate.It was the time for a new beginning, her hazel eyes showed determination.............................Liam fondled with his pen in between his fingers his nosy friend was right, it wasn't the lady's fault either because she was drugged last night.He has been going through her details for a while now, she was an actress but because of last night's incident her career has been ruined.Dylan tapped his chin trying to read Liam's expression but gave up the idea knowing it was impossible."come on man the least you could do is to take responsibility" Dylan murmured.Liam shot him a look 'take responsibility' he mused silently, that lady insulted his pri
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Chapter 5_ The nasty contract
Amelia scoffed at his words "don't try to instill fear in me Liam Grayson I'm not scared of anyone".Liam knew this won't lead anywhere if they keep on going like this "you should be" Liam pointed out.Amelia looked down at the file with her " what is this about?" She inquired." We both have been wronged by the people we consider family, you are facing a huge backlash and I'm on a really tight spot how about we get married..........Liam wasn't even done talking when Amelia butt in after hearing the word marriage "I'm not interested, I rather face this scandal forever than to get married to you no one will be able to tolerate your bad attitude". Amelia said in one breathe.Liam massaged his temples " I wasn't done yet and don't be under the impression that I like you, because you are wrong you are the last person I could ever get married to but since the situation at hand is very critical this is the only way out of this mess, the marriage is only for a whole year after that we go out
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Chapter 6_ Husband 1
Mark sat still in the car for some minutes, he needed to clear his head out.After some time he ordered the driver to move, his thoughts were in conflicts.Just what has Nicholas done to warrant such punishment from Liam?.........................................................................................................Amelia returned to her home to get her things, when she reached her house with Louisa she saw how torn apart everything was.Her eyes blazed in anger, Jane was going too far and she needs to be stopped in time or else she will do more damage to her.Louisa sighed in disappointment there was nothing here to take anymore it has all been ruined to bits."I won't spare Jane for this" Amelia mumbled under her breathe.Louisa touched her shoulder before pulling her in for a hug." Amy think about it, you really don't need all this stuff anymore because you are now Mrs Grayson do you know what that title holds?".Louisa tried to give Amelia a new hope, Amelia thought abo
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Chapter 7_ Husband 2
Mark was quite shocked by what he was witnessing right now.The veins on Liam's neck almost popped out.Amelia breathed heavily in anger "if you say one more thing about my mum again I won't spare you".Liam turned to his father disgusted by his presence, he held his wrist and took him out of his house. "don't try to come into this house again".With that he slammed the door at his dad's face, Amelia couldn't believe how heartless the man she just got married to could be.Liam started walking towards her but she remained unmoved from the spot she was standing.Amelia stared back with the same intensity as he was staring at her."you dared raised your hand at me!" he barked at her.Amelia sighed if she had seen this side of his earlier she doubted if she would have signed those papers."that's because you brought up my mum which wasn't necessary".Liam smirked at her words "but I wasn't wrong if you wish to see my dad happy set him up with your mum".Amelia was furious at his words that
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Chapter 8_ Rainbow 1
Amelia randomly picked a white shirt in frustration, nothing in his closet were making sense at all.She changed into the shirt and was about leaving the room when she came face to face with Liam.Liam's brow furrowed seeing her in his room and at the same time putting on his shirt."who gave you the permission to enter this room, and why are you wearing my shirt?" Liam barked, it was only the first day of their contract marriage and he was already stressed out.Amelia stood akimbo with her hands on her waist, "so what if I came into your room and wore your clothes am I not your wife?".Liam didn't want to argue further, this lady is just so full of herself.He grabbed her wrist to throw her out of the room, Amelia slapt his hands off."were you trying to throw me out just now? i really didn't want to stay but you leave me no choice, I'll spend the night here" Amelia announced.Liam sighed and headed to the bathroom if he stayed any longer she was sure to drive him completely nuts....
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Chapter 9_ Rainbow 2
Louisa left the Manager's office heading straight to Dylan.Dylan saw her approaching him he flashed her a smile which turned upside down the moment she slapt him.The music died down, the crowd gasped at the sight.Dylan was shocked by her audacity, he has never been slapt before.Louisa grabbed his collar "why did you report me? I didn't spill any drink on you".Every inch of feelings James had for Louisa died that minute."Lou...." he tried to explain. "don't say anything further" Louisa yelled angrily at him and left the bar.James and Steven let out a loud laughter, Dylan's expression was priceless right now.He shot them a look which they ignored and laughed out more....................................................................................................................................Liam came out of the bathroom after changing into his sleep wear, he frowned seeing as Amelia slept on his bed.He breathed in anger as he pulled her off the bed, she fell with a light
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Chapter 10_ Rainbow 3
Liam came out putting on the clothes she chose for him but found the room empty. He went downstairs to see her standing by the dining, he peeped at his watch, it wasn't as if he was late but he just couldn't stand her. Liam was trying his very best to tolerate her because she was a lady and his wife at that. He had no choice but to sit down for breakfast, he hardly ever ate breakfast at home. He sighed this was just day one out of three hundred and fifty five days, he asked if he could really tolerate her for so long. After he was done eating he stood up to leave "I hope this madness you pulled off today won't take place ever again, it seems you didn't read the contract that you signed with me!" "you haven't thought about how you would clear your name from that scandal and here you are imposing your rights on me whatever you do nobody should know about our marriage or I'll just prove it to be another scandal for you". Liam said in one breathe he dropped a card on the table and
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