What I Want

What I Want

By:  Annie Leah   Ongoing
Language: English
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Aubrey Evans is married to the love of her life,Haden Vanderbilt. However, Haden loathes Aubrey because he is in love with Ivory, his previous girlfriend. He cannot divorce Aubrey because the contract states that they have to be married for atleast three years before they can divorce. What will happen when Ivory suddenly shows up and claims she is pregnant. How will Aubrey feel when Haden decides to spend time with Ivory? But Ivory has a dark secret of her own. Will she tell Haden the truth? Will Haden ever see Aubrey differently and love her?

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Brenda De La Mater
Wow!! I think this was a compelling story, happy, sad, but good in my opinion.
2023-11-06 14:11:57
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Philo Joy
it is nice
2023-09-30 15:32:49
user avatar
kind of feel incomplete
2023-11-03 14:17:05
default avatar
Aweful. So many logic wholes…
2023-11-03 15:28:48
49 Chapters
Chapter 1
Haden"I now pronounce you husband and wife."As those words left the priest's mouth, my entire world fell apart. This couldn't be happening. Itall felt so unreal, but sadly enough, it was my reality, and I could do all but truly embrace it.I turned and stared at the wretched woman standing opposite me. I couldn't really see her faceunder the veil, and neither did I care.This was all my father's doing. Forcing me to marry this woman in order to get the company andinherit his wealth. The Evans Company and Vanderbilt Company were now going to be in alifelong partnership.He claimed that he needed to secure my future. Therefore, I needed a wife. Strangely enough,this woman's parents agreed. Pathetic! They were business partners, after all. I guess she neededa husband too.I rolled my eyes at the thought. Who does he think he is? He could at least allow me to choosefor myself.I'm sorry Ivory. This should be you standing here not this whore. Who in their right mind wouldagree to
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Chapter 2
Haden's POVMy head throbbed with a pounding headache, and my eyes stung with ridiculous pain. Hangovers were never enjoyable, yet I couldn't seem to resist the allure of drinking despite the consequences.As the sun's harsh rays pierced through my window, I groggily checked the time—it was 11:00 am. The realization that I had slept that long only made the headache worse.Feeling restless, I turned around in bed and spotted a glass of water and an aspirin thoughtfully placed on my nightstand. Aubrey must have been the one to put them there. I couldn't help but roll my eyes at her predictable yet caring gesture, even though part of me appreciated it.Regardless of my annoyance, I knew that water and aspirin were just what I needed to alleviate the throbbing pain. Swallowing my pride, I reached for the glass of water and the pill and downed them with a reluctant sense of gratitude.I went downstairs and into the kitchen. To my surprise, pancakes lay on the counter while Aubrey stirred s
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Chapter 3
Aubrey's POVI avoided Haden for weeks. What he said had really hurt me. How could he think of me in such a way? I never wanted his money. That's absolutely absurd.I spoke to his mother earlier and informed her that I wasn't feeling well. It was partially true. My head was hurting and I had a slight fever.I did it for Haden though. He really expressed how much he didn't want to go to Tahiti with me. Also I couldn't bear to be around him right now.It would be weird to insist on going somewhere with someone when they didn't want to be there especially with you.I was bored out of my brains. I didn't really have any friends and my parents were out of the country. I was all alone in this house.I decided to prepare dinner and watch 'The Little Mermaid' it was one of my favourite Disney movies. I absolutely loved it. Call me childish but I don't think I'll ever be too old for Disney movies.About 2 hours later I ate dinner and started watching '13 reasons Why'. I waited up for Haden to
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Chapter 4
I stood on the porch as I watched Haden and Ivory leave for their two week trip. My heart pained to see him go. Don't get me wrong, he's somewhat an idiot but I can't tell myself how to feel."Bye Aubrey," Ivory waved as she climbed into the car. Is she seriously telling me bye right now?"Bye Ivory. I hope you guys have a good time," I said through gritted teeth. I looked at Haden but he wasn't looking at me. I waited for him to tell me bye but the words never came. Then they left. Here I was standing on the porch sad, lonely and pathetic.I went back into the house and sat on the couch. I switched on the TV and flicked through the channels. I wasn't really paying attention to what was going on. My mind only wandered back to Haden. Why couldn't it be me with him? More importantly, why couldn't he apologize?The ringing of the doorbell disturbed me from my train of thought. Who could it be? Did they forget something?As I turned the doorknob and swung the door open, I found myself u
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Chapter 5
AubreyMy eyes fluttered open to reveal Haden sitting next to me.The memories of last night came flooding into my mind. My face instantly flushed at the thought of me begging him to stay. He looked rather uncomfortable sitting on that chair. I took a minute to observe his features. His long lashes fanned over his face and he wore pink pouty lips as he slept. As if noticing my gaze his eyes snapped open.I looked away from him, a crimson blush covering my face."Good Morning," I greeted."Morning." "Thanks for um, staying the night," I smiled and his eyes softened for a moment."I didn't do it for you Aubrey. I did it because if I didn't stay you would have kept crying and disturb me from my sleep," his words stabbed me.I promised myself I wouldn't cry when he insults me. I'm better than that."Okay, I understand."He paused for a moment then left my room.Why is he so bipolar? Yeesh, it's annoying.I jumped into the shower and took a nice refreshing bath. After brushing my teeth,
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Chapter 6
HadenThese past few days I've been avoiding Aubrey. I don't know why I brought these women here every night. I just needed to be free because I was very frustrated.I woke up earlier than usual this morning. A brunette was lying next to me. I can't even remember her name, she threw herself at me last night and I just brought her home.I shook her awake. It's time for her to leave."Hey baby," she purred seductively. She wasn't even attractive and she was trying way to hard. Her makeup was smudged and she was naked under the sheets."Its time you leave," I stated as I got out of bed."We could have more fun," she winked and I rolled my eyes. I was losing my patience with this girl."Look, whatever you thought happened last night was just pure sex and quite frankly I want nothing more to do with you. So get your ass up and leave my house now." She stared at me in terror, grabbed her clothes and rushed out of my room.A couple minutes later I took a shower and got dressed in some casua
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Chapter 7
Aubrey's POVBlake's words rang through my head as I ran outside and darted into the rose garden. I use to always come here whenever I was upset.Blake never liked me, not one bit. Ever since we were young he despised me.Sitting on a nearby bench, I took some deep breaths. I needed some time to recuperate.I felt a presence beside me. It has to be Emma she always use to come after me."Not now Emma. I'm in no mood to talk," I whispered.'I'm not Emma," Haden spoke huskily."Oh, what are you doing here?" "I don't know, I came to look at the moon," he answered sarcastically.He actually came looking for me. That brought a small smile to my face."You didn't have to.""Can you explain what happened back in there?" He questioned completely ignoring what I just said."That's my brother as you may have realized. I was adopted when I was a baby. My adoptive parents found me in an alley one autumn morning. I was left there in a small basket which surprisingly held enough warmth for me to su
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Chapter 8
Haden"C'mon Haden, you're cheating," Vincent whined."I'm not. I'm just way better at this than you," I retorted.We were currently in my office stacking plastic cups that we found in the storage room. I suppose I was better at it than Vincent."I win!" I shouted as Vincent glared at me."I swear we are so childish sometimes," he laughed."So how are things going between you and Aubrey?" He questioned."Still the same. I'm angry at her for ruining my life. Speaking of that, I miss Ivory. She hasn't spoken to me since she left." "She's probably mad at you or blames herself for what happened to Aubs." "Aubs? And yeah, I guess so. I have to make things right between us.""That's my nickname for her," he said and I rolled my eyes."Just don't tell Ivory about when you were sleeping with all those women." "Damn it. I completely forgot about that. I'm such an idiot.""Right you are," Vincent sniggered which made me glare at him."I really screwed up this time," I groaned."You can tell
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Chapter 9
Aubrey"Are you serious? Of course, I'd love that," I giggled over the phone."Alright see you in a bit," I hung up.Vincent invited me to the zoo with his cousins. He told me they were quite a handful and asked if I could help him watch them for the day. I had to agree because I loved children and plus I hadn't been to the zoo for quite a while.I took a shower and shampooed my hair. I got dressed in a black sleeveless crop top, denim shorts, grey cardigan, a pair of converse and a black handbag.Brushing my hair a final time, I was ready to go. Rushing downstairs I bumped into a rock hard chest."S-sorry Haden," I muttered without looking at him.To my surprise, Haden walked past me without a second glance. Usually, he would yell at me for bumping into him. Guess he's in a better mood today.A few minutes later Vincent pulled up in front of the house.When I entered the car he introduced me to his cousins."This is Dennis, the eldest. He's 17.""I can introduce myself Vincent. Plus
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Chapter 10
AubreyI was busy organizing the last few details for the party. The guests would be arriving soon, and I needed everything to be prepared before then. A couple minutes later the doorbell rang indicating the delivery man with the cake had arrived. I thanked him while he along with four other men delivered the cake to the center table in the room. The cake was huge and consisted of many flavors ranging from vanilla, chocolate, lemon, and red velvet.I managed to take a quick shower before the party. I wore a black sequin dress that showed a little cleavage. I matched it with my pearl necklace and earrings my father bought on business trip to Europe. I curled my hair and left it down. Finally, I did my makeup and wore my black suede pumps. I looked myself over in the mirror and was satisfied with the way I looked.I hurried downstairs in time to start welcoming my guests. Haden's parents were the first two people to arrive right on time."Hello dear," his mom greeted."Hi Mr. and Mrs.
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