Just A Kiss

Just A Kiss

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"I have this strong urge to kiss you." He said as his eyes flicked to my lips and then back to my eyes. I felt my heartbeat increasing and my knees were starting to feel weak by his closeness. I wet my lips, "Uh...no one is around. There is no need." I said through the lump in my throat. "I know, but I just want to." He said as he crashed his lips to mine. ~~~~~~ Emily Samuels was devastated when she found her boyfriend of a year cheating on her. She was angry and hurt that she swore she would never forgive him. Logan has apologized to her and said it was a mistake, but Emily did not want to hear it. She also turned him down when he begged for her back. Logan's plea for her has gotten consistent that Emily wanted him to stop, so she did something that she hadn't expected to do... She kissed the school's player and heartthrob; Tyler King. She only did that to let Logan see that she has moved on. Tyler, on the other hand, got an idea, so he strike a deal with Emily - to pretend that they were dating. Spending a lot of time with the player has allowed Emily to see the real Tyler. Would their fake dating be just that; fake? Or would it turn out to be real?

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40 Chapters
I ran down the stairs, as soon as I heard a car horn outside. As I got outside, I saw my boyfriend in his car waiting on me. I went up to the car and got in."Hi babe." Logan Cummings leaned over to the passenger side and kisses me on my cheek."Hi." I greeted as he started the engine and drove to school. We were at school in ten minutes and we both got out."I have to see my science teacher about an assignment, so I'll see you at lunch, okay?" Logan said to me."Okay." I said. He was always meeting teachers a lot lately. I also notice that he was avoiding me most of the times and cancelling our dates.Logan and I have been dating for a year now, but recently, I've realized that he had become distant. Shaking my head of Logan's weird behaviour, I went into the school's building."Emily!" I heard my best friend, Victoria Hernandez shouted as I walked down the hall. I turned around and see her walking up to catch me.Victoria was Hispanic and originally from Cuba. She has a great person
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Trying To Heal
That night, I slept over at Victoria's house. After crying in her arms at school, I had told her what I had saw. She was just as surprised as I was, because she would always say that Logan and I would last and we were made for each other.I didn't even enjoy Maria's dinner and I always love it. I guess I was too distracted and heartbroken to enjoy it. Victoria did everything she could to cheer me up. We watched movies and ate ice-cream all night. It helped because for a while I forget everything, but there was always something that brought the memories back.Logan called my phone a few times, but I ignored his call. When his calls became incessant and annoying, I shut my phone off. I didn't want to hear what he had to say. I didn't want to hear his lies and excuses. The following day, I was at my locker getting my books for class, when I felt a tap on my shoulder. I turn around to see who it was. When I saw the person, I turn back around. My anger returning again."I know that you ha
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I Kissed The Player
When I got home, I head for the kitchen to get a bottle of water. My stepmother, Sarah, is at the stove cooking dinner. She turn around when I enter."Hi." She greeted me."Hello," I responded. She turns back around and continues cooking dinner. That was how it was between Sarah and I. We didn't really say much to each other. I didn't have anything against her. She was a nice enough lady. However, ever since my dad married her almost a year ago, she had never said much to me and I've never said much to her. Just greetings and small talk. Sometimes, I wonder, if she hates me, even though she has never done or said anything mean to me before.I didn't know my mother. She died when I was just two, so it has always been my dad and I. A year and a half ago, my dad met Sarah and I have never seen him happier. She was the first woman that he has dated since Mom died that he truly loves. I was glad that he was happy and Sarah was the one to make that happen, so I didn't mind at all."Is my da
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The Deal
Tyler put his hands on my waist and pull me closer to him. I could feel his entire body press up against mine. Thinking it was now time to end this, I broke the kiss and pull away from him, creating a few distance between us. Tyler was looking at me, an arrogant smirk on his lips."Well, what do we have here?" Tyler said. "I know you couldn't resist me, Sweet Cheeks, but next time give me a warning first. I'll be happy to oblige anytime." He winked at me.I roll my eyes. Boy, was he arrogant! This is why I avoid him like the plague. He was too full of himself. "Please don't flatter yourself. I'm only here for one reason only.""Yes I know. You want me." He responded smugly.Before I could respond, I heard a locker door slam loudly. I turn around in that direction to see Logan storming away. I smiled. Mission accomplished. Tyler followed my line of vision and then chuckle."Ahh, I see. Putting on a show for your boyfriend?" He asked.Now that Logan had left, I step away from Tyler comp
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Let The Games Begin!
The weekend went by and now it was Sunday evening. I was currently sitting up in bed reading one of my favourite books; The Hunger Games. I can't count how many times I've read it.I was so indulged in the book, that I hadn't heard the soft tap on my window at first. When I hear the second tap, I put the book down and listen. After a while, I hear it again. Yep, I definitely wasn't imagining things.I rest the book on my bedside table and got off the bed. I went over to my window and open the curtains. I slide the window pane up and look out. Tyler was sitting on his window sill, looking as comfortable as ever. He had a few pebbles in his hands."Were you planning on breaking my window?" I ask."No, I didn't hit it that hard." He shrug his shoulders as if it was nothing."What do you want?" I ask, getting to the point."I just wanted to tell you that I'll be waiting for you tomorrow to drive you to school." He said.I scrunch up my eyebrows in confusion. "Why?""We are suppose to be d
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Sealed With A Kiss
Lunch went by and surprisingly, I have to admit, it wasn't as bad as expected.Now, Tyler and I were walking to our next class. We both have English class together, so we had parted ways with Seth and Tori.We had just reached the door of our classroom, when Tyler spoke. "I forgot to mention that you're coming over to my house later today."I stopped in my tracks and turned to face him. I lifted my eyebrows curiously. "Why?"Tyler rubbed the back of his neck, which was uncharacteristic of him. "Over the weekend, my mother, for the hundredths time, was lecturing me about my ways," he rolled his eyes at that. "So I told her that I have a girlfriend. She got all happy and excited and said that I should bring you over for dinner."My eyes widen a little. The last thing I wanted was to meet Tyler's mother as his fake girlfriend. That would definitely be awkward. However, a deal was a deal and part of my deal was to pretend to date Tyler for his mother's sake.Trying my best not to show how
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Meeting The Mom
"I'll be over in two hours." I said to Tyler, when I got out of his car. He nodded his head, before turning the car in the direction of his house to park.When I got into my house, I went up to my room and did my homework. One hour later, I took a shower and now I was trying to figure out what to wear. I didn't know what kind of person Tyler's mom was and frankly, I didn't want to screw it up for him.After ten minutes more of indecision, I finally settled on a simple dress. It was a mere casual dress that was lime green, patterned with a few flowers. I didn't do anything to my hair. I let it hung loose in its natural curl. I slip on a black slipper and went downstairs.While I was getting ready, Sarah had came home and now she was in the kitchen getting dinner started. "Hey Sarah."She looked around at my voice. "Oh hey, want to help me with dinner?" She asked hopefully.I looked at her, regretfully. It was actually the first time she was asking me this and I felt bad that I couldn't
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Baby Pictures And Bruised Ego
The dinner was delicious and Rachel was great dinner company. I ate every single thing, which Rachel was delighted about. When we were finished eating, Rachel went to the kitchen and came back with slices of the chocolate cake that I had brought earlier. Even though I couldn't eat anything more, I accepted the offered slice.After I finished the last crumb of the cake, I looked up at Rachel across the table. "Thanks again for dinner, Rachel. It was amazing." I commended.She smiled brightly. "You're welcome. I'm glad you enjoyed it.""Thanks." I returned her smile, which was contagious.She clasped her hands in excitement suddenly. "Oh, I have to show you Tyler's pictures. I'll go get my album." She said, getting up instantly.Tyler, who was beside me, eyes widen. "No, Mom. I don't think that is necessary. Emily has to leave now anyways." He said quickly, trying to stop his mother.His mother brushed his comment aside. "Oh, nonsense. I'm sure Emily would be happy to see it." She said,
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Expecting Forgiveness
"How is your fake dating with Tyler coming along?" Tori asked on Wednesday. She was lying on her stomach across her bed, swinging her feet in the air. As soon as we left school we head over to her house and was here talking about random things."It's going okay. Everyone seems to believe we are actually a couple and Logan hasn't said anything to me in two days, so I guess it's working." I responded. "At least, I hope so." I added. I was sitting in front of Tori on the bed, my back against the headboard. "I wish I'd seen the look on his face when he saw that you were dating Tyler." She chuckled. "The cheating jerk deserves it. No me gusta nada."I smiled at Tori's words. Ever since Logan cheated on me, Tori despised him. She never fails to express how much she hates him. After a while, Tori turned on the bed and sat up, facing me. "So, what are you going to be for Halloween?""Aren't we too old to dress up for Halloween, Tori?" I asked, raising my eyebrows at her."Nonsense, it's fun
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Clearing Misconceptions
The one thing I love about Fridays is that it was the day that students would leave school rather than hang around. They would either go shopping, to Starbucks or just go somewhere to hang out and celebrate the fact that it was the weekend.That fact came quiet clear as soon as I stepped into the school's library. There was only a handful of students in here. Normally, it would be packed with students doing homework, but they knew that they have the entire week for homework, so not much students stayed over. The students that were in here were either reading a book or a few book worms, studying. I, on the other hand, was coming up here to pass time.Today was the day that Sarah and I were going shopping. I was looking forward to spending time with her and seeing what kind of person she was. I actually felt bad that it took a year for us to do something like this.Sarah told me that she was going to pick me up from school at 3:30. I had an hour to spare, so I decided to go up to the li
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