The Unwanted Marriage

The Unwanted Marriage

By:  angbabaingsuplada  Ongoing
Language: English
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Allysa Chloe Hernandez is a college student. She seems to have everything and has been living a comfortable life. She came from a very conservative family, where good daughters never say no to their parents. Her peaceful life has been suddenly shattered when she knows that she will marry the only son of the famous business tycoon. Dave Arkiel Enriquez- a spoiled brat, a womanizer that every girls dream. She promised to herself that she will marry the man that she truly love but soon she find herself captivated by the Casa del Rio heir.

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23 Chapters
"Why did you do that Allysa Chloe? You ruined the reputation that we had. What will your Daddy say when he finds out?"My Mom asked angrily when we got inside our house."As I said Mom I really don't know why that answer key ended up in my bag."I explained to her while sitting on the couch."Are you going to lie to me as well? If you had previously convinced the faculty members that you had nothing to do with what happened. I can't, and please can you stop giving some excuses, when are you going to stop lying?""But I'm just telling the truth. Whatever they said earlier that's a false accusation, Mom. I really had nothing to do with what happened and why would I do that? Do I look like I'm thirsty for academic validation? You know me Mom, I'm not that kind of person. Since I started studying, all the achievements that I get in school have been working hard for them Mom, so why would I do something that will ruin me?"I explained to her."You should explain it to your Dad Allysa Chloe
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Chapter 1
Allysa Chloe HernandezThe next dayToday is Saturday and I woke up early because I have to go to school. My community service will start at 6:00 to 10:00 am. I don't want to do this because I know to myself that I am innocent but my Mom has agreed and I can't say no to her. I also don't want to embarrass her with our dean yesterday and I will only get scolded even more. I know I'm a bit stubborn but I'm letting it go and I depend on the situation I'm in.I prepared the bag that I will bring. I brought an extra t-shirt, towel and jogging pants. I also carried a tumbler with cold water and a sandwich while leaving the house. When I saw Manong Jose, He drove me to my university.When I arrived at the university, there were few people and also the security guard who was guarding the gate of our university.Before entering I asked our security guard."Am I the only one scheduled to do community service today?""For the regular students, yes, you are the only one, but a lot of scholars and
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Chapter 2
Allysa Chloe HernandezWhen my Mom and Dad arrived at the clinic, we went home. We are all quiet in the car on the way to our house. No one wants to start a conversation. I also don't want to talk because Mom and Dad might argue.I got out of the car when I got home. Manang Helen helped me to get inside. My brother looked so worried when he saw me. He approached me and asked me if I was okay? I told him that I'm fine and not to worry. I know that brother is very stubborn all the time but he really cared for me.Mom asked Manang Helen to take me upstairs to rest and said that she would just bring me lunch so I wouldn't have to come down so I agreed. When I got to my room, I immediately changed into my house clothes. I sat on the edge of my bed and took out my cell phone. I was browsing my friends' ig stories when I came across Kent Liam's ig story. A stolen shot of him with the caption "He's happy because his crush did community service earlier."It was an ig story of her friend that h
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Chapter 3
Allysa Chloe HernandezMonday morning I woke up early because I didn't want to be late for school.I feel fine because I rested for almost a week. I didn't even attend our fellowship at the church because I really needed to rest and my Dad didn't allow me either because he might wonder how I would be there.After I showered and changed into my school uniform, I went downstairs. Carrying my shoulder bag, I went straight to the dining area and saw my brother, Allen."Where's Mom and Dad Allen?"I ask him."They already left early. They say they have an early meeting with the client. Sit down and eat. I'll take you to school."He commanded.I sat on the seat opposite him and I started eating. I got a sandwich, hotdog, bacon and also Manang made me some hot chocolate.When my brother noticed that I took the same sandwich, he spoke."Eat a lot Allysa. Dieting isn't trendy right now."Then he took another sandwich and put it on my plate."Eat it."He commanded with a smile as if he was stil
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Chapter 4
Allysa Chloe HernandezBea and I went to the clinic to ask nurse Mia for alcohol. Even though it was painful, she tried to clean the scratches on my arm.Then we went straight to our room because the afternoon class was about to start.While listening to our instructor, I couldn't help but feel annoyed with Kyline and her friends. Bea and I will tell the dean what happened so that my name can be cleared and the issue I'm involved in is over.When the class was over, there was a sudden meeting of all the block presidents of each section of all the departments and I was one of them.While I was in the meeting room and waiting to start, I saw the senior student come in earlier, the one who helped Kyline and I wean together with the other presidents of other block sections. He walked closer to where I was and he sat on the seat near me. I thought he was going to sit next to me, fortunately he sat in the fourth seat from me. There were two seats between us.He smirked when I glanced at him
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Chapter 5
Allysa Chloe HernandezWhen Manong Jose arrived, we went home.When I got home, I immediately went straight to the room. I changed my house clothes and started doing school work.At 7pm I went down to eat dinner. When I got to the dining area, I found Mom and Dad waiting. Maybe we had something to talk about so they went home early."There she is."Daddy said when he saw me."Let's eat Allysa."Mom said. While we were eating dinner, Mom spoke about something. "Allysa, did you do something stupid again?"She asked me."Why?"I asked her. "Well the dean just called me earlier. She said there was an issue about you that needed to be discussed. What did you do again? Allysa can you please start to avoid some troubles. You're not a child anymore."Maybe Kyline and her friends complained to the dean's office earlier. Well she's the one who started it."Just a little cat fighting Mom."It was the only answer I gave to her. "With whom? And why did you do that?"This question surprised me
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Chapter 6
Allysa Chloe Hernandez The nervousness I felt stopped when my Mom spoke. She saved me. "Dinner is ready Mr. and Mrs. Enriquez. Let's eat first. We can talk about other things over dinner. So let's go?" Mom smiled when she invited our guest to eat dinner. They immediately agreed, got up and walked towards the dining area while I followed behind them, as did Dave Arkiel as if he was forced to do what he was doing. My brother was almost walking with me while smiling. I know he wants to tease me because I'm sure he can tell I'm nervous. He just couldn't because we had guests. When they arrived at the dining area, my Mom and Dad and the Enriquez couple sat down first. I was about to sit in the seat next to my Mom when Dave Arkiel suddenly came and pulled a chair for me. What a gentleman or maybe just trying to impress. "Thank you." The only thing I said to him while smiling. He smiled back. I noticed that my brother laughed for a moment. He was really teasing me. He really kn
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Chapter 7
Allysa Chloe HernandezSaturday morning. I packed all the things that I might need. I also bring some snacks and other personal things.Bea said that we are going to spend the night. That's why I told it to my Mom and Dad just last night, fortunately they allowed me but on one condition. My brother Allen will drop us off and pick us up at the beach we chose and he will also arrange check-in at the hotel to make sure we are not with anyone else.It was just 6am and we were already on our way. It's as good as bathing in the sea early. We passed by Bea at their house. During the trip, we kept talking."Brother Allen what do you think about the man who will be Allysa's soon to be fiance?"Bea suddenly asked my brother Allen. Why did she have to ask that?"Well he's good. They're good. He's even a gentleman, isn't he? Allysa?"My Brother Allen said with a smile while grinning at me. He really still teases me up to this day."Oh, that's it. So what are you saying you don't like him, Allysa.
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Chapter 8
Allysa Chloe HernandezWe were so quiet when we arrived at Nipa Hat where Dave Arkiel was staying.I decided not to go to my room with Bea because I'm sure she will tell my Mom and Dad what happened. They will worry and may even send us home. I decided not to tell them in order to continue our weekend getaway.Dave Arkiel helped me to sit down. When I sat down on the wooden sofa inside Dave Arkiel's Nipa Hat, he immediately handed me a cup of water. I'm still shaking with fear. I didn't know it would happen. I wish I hadn't left Nipa Hat earlier. I hope I didn't dare to swim alone."Can I sleep here?"I dared to ask Dave Arkiel.I know we are not very close yet but I have no other choice but to spend the night here."Yeah sure. This room has two beds. You can sleep on the other one."He answered me."Thank you."I said this with a smile."Get changed. You might get sick."He said and then he threw a black t-shirt and blue shorts at me."Thank you."Then I went to the bathroom to take
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Chapter 9
Allysa Chloe HernandezAfter 10 minutes, our Literature professor arrived. Sir Nathan, the class was also more than two hours. Discussions then short quizzes, just like what other professors do in other subjects.After that class it's break time. I told Bea and Kenny that I would go straight to the library to borrow the book that I need before going to the cafeteria. They were already ahead so I told them to reserve a seat for me. When I told Ma'am Annie the book I needed, she immediately directed me where to find it. It is located on the bookshelves at the end. After I got the book and said goodbye to Ma'am Annie, I walked to the cafeteria.When I got inside the cafeteria, I immediately looked for my two friends. Since a lot of students were already there, I had a hard time finding them. After a while I heard a voice calling me. I'm sure it's Kenny's voice."Allysa, here we are."He said. I looked where the voice came from. I immediately saw them and went to them. When I sat down, I
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